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Sandrimos' Spellbook

In the aftermath of the War of the Undead, a number of magic users attempted to make use of the myriad magical items released during the war. One of these was Sandrimos, a thief and mage; through guile and subterfuge, he managed to obtain the 'mantle of permanency', a mantle that bestowed upon the wearer the ability to make enchantments permanent, very quickly. Utilizing the mantle, Sandrimos managed to manufacture a number of enchanted items, before realizing the full potential of the mantle. He murdered a protective druidess in the southern Rakoran Forest, and then used the spider queen the druidess had been protecting as spare parts in his magical item creation. The details and plans of many of these items are in the spellbook; the final entries deal with using all the spider items to unlock the tomb of Bridgehammer, the last of the dwarven kings in the west before the Storm Wars.

Protection: His book is protected by two strong protection spells. If the command word is not spoken before opening the book, then the book will become the center of a massive fireballl, destroying the book in the process. After the command word is spoken, one must run the back of one hand over the spellbook from top to bottom, as a command gesture. If the command gesture is not made, an improved phantasmal force activates, simultaneously hiding the book, rendering its pages unreadable, and throwing chaotic illusions over a thirty foot radius area, until the book is once again closed.

Notes: (Written in Common.) His notes detail the construction of his spider items, from how to sacrifice the spider queen (a giant spider of neutral alignment) to imprinting arachnidic spells into magical items. Nearly all of the spider items requires some portion of a spider queen, as well as other rare components, ranging from ebonite to rare, live, subservient spiders of the spider queen. One item detailed in the book required no magic to make, and that was webbed armor. When carefully directed, certain spiders (most notably large spiders from the Banoc Forests) could craft this silky armor. The tough nature of the padding and the construction of the web armor fair protection, though it was nonmagical; additionally, the soft and supple nature of the silky armor let the wearer bear it as easily as cloth, so that it could be worn in conjunction with other armors for added protection.

Contents: Animate dead, confusion, polymorph other, slow, fireball, hold person, darkness 15' radius, improved phantasmal force, web, spook, charm person, read magic, detect magic, cantrips.

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