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Soldan Haval's Spellbook

Soldan Haval, a hunter and wizard, was a recluse during the early years of the Inquisition. His fascination with the cold, and his long years of travel, helped keep him hidden from the Seekers, even after his death. Soldan travelled through most of the great mountain ranges of Gaeleth, and spent considerable time in the Snowy Wastes of Northern Galanath. His personal quest to uncover the mysteries of extreme cold left him little time for a family, though he returned to his home time and time again, posing as a world-reknowned yeti hunter. After his death, his spellbook was hidden by his eldest son, and passed down through the generations.

Notes: (Written in Olde Common.) Soldan's handwriting varied from neat and orderly, to attrocious, depending on how excited he was. He details considerable research into spells that protect against the cold, as well as creatures and magical items either cold-based, or found in the cold. There are sketches of mountains, glaciers, and yeti, plus maps of where he was at various times. There is also one reference to a white dragon's lair in the Avris Mountains, not too far from his original home; ciphered into this reference is the location to a small cache of items that protect the wearer from the cold, and deliver considerable damage to cold-based creatures. Other notes detail his creation of several potions, and the making of boots that protect the wearer from the worst cold.

Contents: Hints to developing the feats Brew Potion, Craft Arms and Armor, and Craft Wonderous Item. 0-level spells (ray of frost, light, mending), 1st-level spells (chill touch, ray of enfeeblement, true strike, identify, erase, mount, obscuring mist), 2nd-level spells (daylight, cat's grace, levitate, summon monster II, continual flame, rope trick), 3rd-level spells (protection from elements, sleet storm, gust of wind, fly, slow, stinking cloud, invisibility sphere).

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