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Tugren Halbot's Spellbook

Tugren Halbot was a hermit-wizard in the years just after the Storm Wars. Keeping to himself, and researching his spells as best he could with his limited resources, Tugren led a contemplative, philosophical life. His solitude protected him from the Inquisition, and he probably died in his sleep around 830 Avard. Thereafter, its probable that his small tower and equipment were vandalized by bandits. The spellbook is fairly thick, and is itself enchanted, glowing dimly of protection magics when detect magic is cast upon it.

Notes: (Written in Olde Common.) Tugren's handwriting is very neat and orderly, with precise, detailed notes in the margins, beautiful illuminations of drawings, and more. He includes a map of his range in the Mule Mountains, including the location of his limited tower and facilities. Tugren enjoyed making his own magical items – and hid them within his tower in such a way that it is unlikely they would have ever been found, even by the 'idealistic young Inquisitors, who seek to take magic from mages that have spent centuries keeping their arts hidden from one another, because of petty jealousies and envies.' His journal is concise, even into the last pages in the last years of his life, at 114 years of age.

Contents: Hints to developing the feats Brew Potion, Craft Arms and Armor, and Craft Wonderous Item. 0-level spells (light, mending, resistance, open/close, read magic, detect poison), 1st-level spells (magic weapon, ray of enfeeblement, true strike, unseen servant, identify, erase, mount), 2nd-level spells (daylight, levitate, summon monster II, darkvision, web, arcane lock, rope trick), 3rd-level spells (protection from elements, gust of wind, flame arrow, nondetection, tongues, slow, stinking cloud, invisibility sphere).

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