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Cloak of the Wolves' Den

The Wolves' Den is a temple to the Goddess of War, Rahne, located in the far western realm of Rakore, in the city of Kashin. Residents of Rakore can spend time at the Wolves' Den training in combat, warfare, and more. Some attend the six-month War College, and become entitled to wear the Cloak of the Wolves' Den. Many wear the cloak as a badge of experience, to indicate their training and dedication to survival, combat, or warfare.

The cloak of the Wolves' Den appears as dark blue, hooded cloak trimmed in gray wolf's fur. The clasp on the front is a circular affair with a wolf's head howling in beaten silver. The back of the clasp has the name, year, and ranking of the graduate inscribed upon it. Rumor has it that the cloaks are blessed by the priests of Rahne, such that the wearers are made more dangerous to their enemies, and defacing the wolf's head clasp destroys the magic of the cloak.

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