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Angus Stonehelm

Character concept by Paul Watson, all rights reserved.

Thane of Rakore

“Grr. That's all the blood in him?”

Date of Birth: Circa 1263 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Angus serves aboard the Rattler II as the chief Marine officer, leading boarding parties against enemy ships all around Rakore. Other marines he often travels with include the feral gnoll Hrothgar, the fearsome Deathwalker Bjarne Bearstrider, the minotaur Tor, and the battlemages Xavien de Lance and Seraphina Scrubfire.


Angus is a powerfully-built dwarf of fair height, with a solid red beard and hair, and wickedly gleaming green eyes. Some people remark that his eyes aren't quite right – as though the sanity had left them. He tends to dress in armor no matter where he is, be it the deck of a ship or the deeps of the mountains – unless he's at his forge.

Angus wears chainmail and an edge-sharpened dwarven buckler for armor. His weapons include a flaming war axe and an enchanted smith's hammer. His possessions include a solid gold dagger of exquisite craftsmanship, and a watered-steel shortsword with the official, Royal Seal of Rakore stamped on the base of the blade. He usually carries with him a bedroll-bedecked pack, complete with whetstones, flint and steel, flasks of Lead Gut, rations, and the like.


The youngest son of Kurrold Stonehelm, High Priest of the Stonehelms, was Angus. The young dwarf had no intentions of following in his father's footsteps, and wanted to become a warrior from a very early age. The Stonehelm Clan being the first line of defense against the entire Ogre Nations, Angus had plenty of time to develop into a strong fighter, and a decent weaponsmith.

When his cousin, Seamus, returned from a distant journey with a veritable zoo and tales of adventure, Angus knew he had to go with his cousin, when he returned to the wide world of adventure. Seamus agreed, and thus began Angus' involvement with the search for Al Mudim.

After abandoning the quest for Al Mudim, Angus found his true calling, as chief marine for Seamus, leading boarding parties and putting his axe into his enemies.


As a child, Angus would beat his head against the rails of his crib every night, until he was either unconscious or bored. 'Slightly insane' is a term that has oft been used on the short-tempered, blood-hungry dwarf. His primary reason for adventuring is to 'kill me some orcs and the like, and see what's out there'. That, and no one wanted to play with the mad dwarf, while he was with his clan. Being insane, even for a battle-hungry clan of odd dwarves, makes for a dangerous dwarf – and Angus knows it. There is, perhaps, only one thing in all the world that he fears: Seamus' mother, who is the meanest, toughest, and most fiercesome dwarf that ever lived.

Angus speaks the Common tongue, Dwarven, and Orcish (O'Olphariz dialect).

3E Stats

Male Mountain Dwarf, 3rd-Level Fighter
STR 16, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 12
HP 30, Fort +5, Will +3, Will +2
AC 18, Init +6
Skills: Craft (weaponsmith) +5, Handle Animal +5, Knowledge (religion) +5, Profession (sailor) +3, Search +3.
Feats: Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting, Ambidexterity.

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