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 +====== Aragonite ======
 +Aragonite is a title among the Emberlast Clan of Warkore dwarves. ​ Roughly every other generation in the clan sees such a dwarf with a particular type of arcane powers born, although not always through the same lineage. ​ The Aragonite of the Emberlasts is often trained to hone those arcane powers, and they often are gifted tinkers, inventors, and engineers. ​ While arcane powers among most dwarves are shunned (and, indeed, often blow up in their beards), the Emberlast Clan has harbored and protected their Aragonites for thousands of years, giving them a considerable technological edge over other dwarven clans. ​ The Emberlast mark often indicates intricate machinery with particularly complex workings.
 +It is rumored that the Emberlast Clan began safeguarding it's Aragonites to give them an edge against the gnomes in ages passed.
 +The current Aragonite is named [[gaeleth:​people:​Ferric]].
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