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Character concept by Brandi Morrison, all rights reserved.

Former Mistress of Lok Magius
Retired ArchMage of Rakore
King's Advisor on the Arcane

Date of Birth: Brin was born in the summer of 1301 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Brin was the head-mistress of Lok Magius, the preeminent school of magic in all of Gaeleth, until she retired after the War of the Four Winds. After the betrayal of Lok Magius by one of its own to the Ogre Nations during the War of the Four Winds, Mistress Brin had set about to restore the libraries and intensify the search for old magics that predate the Inquisition, but after a year of work chose to retire and work on the task from the underbelly of Rakore. Her power with magic and her grim resolution have put her on a gray path that lets her work closely with Jynx Maysolu and others who smuggle mages or work in the less reputable areas of Rakore.


She is a tall, lithe half-slate, half Sylvan elf in her prime. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, with delicate features that makes her appear more elven than human. She tends to wear blue silken tunics with loose leather breeches and soft-soled boots. Her walk is feminine, but there's a certain no-nonsense edge to it. Her forearms are covered in a dyed-leather wrap covered in enchantments and runes, giving her considerable protections against conventional attacks. A formidable mage, she wears rings, earrings, necklaces, and other magical artifacts that make her nearly invulnerable. Add to that a glint in her eye indicative of her arcane powers and experience, and she is a formidable woman.


Brin was born to a Sylvan ranger mother, and a carpenter on the outskirts of Lamental, in Vridara. Her parents were murdered by an Inquisition-inspired mob when she was twelve, and she spent the rest of her youth with the elven community. Gideon Enterprises recruited her for FireStorm out of Lamental, giving her an opportunity to see more of the world than the confines of the Vridaran Forest. With Firestorm, her magical powers have blossomed, albeit as a combat-oriented mage of considerable abilities. Brin's original driving force outside of Firestorm had been to find the murderers of her parents, and with the help of Reed, she found them. She found victory to be hollow, however, and leapt at the chance to found a mage academy. Her service with FireStorm during the War of the Undead, coupled with her leading Lok Magius during the War of the Four Winds, left her with more battle experience than some mages of the Storm Wars.


Arachnophic with a vengeance, she's been known to cast a fireball on a spider at point blank range. Preferring the nonlethal approach to combat, she'll strike if struck, though she has no qualms against killing if the situation requires it. A decade and more of teaching mages, as well as the War of the Four Winds, have left her with a very definite 'head mistress' attitude. 'Intimidating' is often associated with her, and her students fear her as much as they worship her. Over the years, she has become very fluent in not just her native Vridaran and the Common tongue, but also in Sholin, and the ancient Karatikan tongue.


Her familiar is a large Isboitan parrot, mainly green with a red crest. Oliver can speak – and Brin has undertaken to teach him spells. Oliver is a wise old bird, and more than willing to let it be known to anyone willing to listen. The familiar has a poor word or three for anyone that eats birds of any sort – and has been known to cast arcane magics at anyone that ruffles his feathers too badly.

2E Stats

6th-Level Half-Elven Wizardress
STR 9, DEX 15, CON 13, INT 18, WIS 15, CHA 15
AC 0, THAC0 19, HP 22
WPs: Expertise with daggers.
NWPs: Carpentry (secondary skill), navigation, spellcraft, thaumaturgy, scribe, bookbinding, papermaking, prestidigitation, read/write: Common, animal handling, leatherworking, ancient history: Karatikan, ancient language: Karatikan, herbalism, dancing.

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