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Character concept by Brandy McPherson

Former coroner of Kashin
Ship's Doctor

“What now?”

Date of Birth: Lan the 5th, 1308 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Cassandra can be found aboard the ship Rattler II working as the ship's doctor and keeping and eye on Tor.


Sandra is a good-looking, curvy young woman that pays little attention to her appearance, though she tries to stay clean. Her dark hair is often unkempt or swept back in a pony-tail. Both of her large, almond-shaped eyes are a rich, deep violet in color. She is slightly farsighted, and tends to wear reading spectacles when perusing her prayer or anatomy books. Sandra wears short work-robes with trousers tucked into thick work boots. Her homespun clothes are in darker browns and grays to hide stains and old blood. Her hooded cloak has a holy symbol of Curiss – a hooded head – done in lavenders on an ivory disk. Her right arm was lost, and was replaced with one of living steel. To the arcanely attuned, the limb shares many characteristics with those of iron golems.


Cassandra grew up in Kashin, and has been there since birth. She was the seventh child of eight, to a priest and a monk of Whalin. Four of her siblings died when Kashin was razed in 1312 by the ograns, and she beheld the devastation and destruction brought about by the War of the Undead. As a four-year old child, Sandra had to sit with a dying man that would not let go of her hand, for fear of death – and undeath. That traumatic event shaped her life, for while her parents dealt with the living, she felt drawn to the dying – and the dead. She studied anatomy and healing from her parents in the aftermath of the War of the Undead. When Kashin was rebuilt, she began to study death from the Libranum, the local temple to the God of Knowledge and Magic, and the more martial arts against the undead from the Wolves' Den, the local temple to the Goddess of War and Wisdom. There, she learned the clerical arts, and affirmed her faith in the God of the Lost – without ever having met another priest of Curiss. Sandra went on to begin working with the city guard in 1326, serving as assistant to the city's coroner, the High Priestess of Lul. She also serves as the assistant Chaplain of the Guard for Kashin. During the time of Davin's Plague in the winter of 1328, Sandra caught the plague, survived, and went on to continue comforting the dying, and to help bury the dead. In doing so, she endeared herself to the city guard, who take care of their 'kooky lil chaplain'.


Sandra is strangely drawn to death. She is abrasive and even rude to the living, but is the soul of kindness to the dying – and the dead. She is annoyed by the undead, because she knows their souls belong either on earth, or in their respective Relic. When she chooses to, she can be polite and sophisticated in order to achieve her goals. She also has a wicked – or odd – sense of humor. Someone once said, “I wouldn't be caught dead in that dress.” Sandra responded with, “I can arrange that.” Sandra enjoys life, and does not mind comforting the dead. She prefers not to do her martial training, but she does it out of a need to prepare against the future.

3.5E Stats

2nd-Level Human Cleric of Curiss
STR 13, DEX 13, CON 17, INT 10, WIS 15, CHA 13
AC 19, Init +1, HP 18
Fort +6, Refl +1, Will +5
Skills: Concentration +9, Heal +5, Knowledge (Anatomy) +2, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Profession (Coroner) +6*, Spellcraft +4.
Feats: [Combat Casting]*, Endurance, Diehard, Craft Charm.

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