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 +====== Chimes ======
 +"​*Chicken Noise*" ​
 +Character concept by Sualy Jones, all rights reserved.
 +**Current Status:** Adventuring with Eingrim the Gold, Roland the Paladin, Hiko and Toox on the outskirts of Rilan.
 +====== Appearance ======
 +Kenku, Black feathers, 4'6, 70ish lbs.  ​
 +====== Background ======
 +Wanting more out of life Chimes the Kenku left her flock at the age 6 to purse her dream of becoming a famous musician. Even though shes's unable to sing songs with her own unique voice, she's able to captivate audiences with her beautiful mimicry and instrumentals. Always one for putting on a show, she often dresses up in her crimson red cloak, adorned with lavish stones jewels to leave the audience in awe of her unique beauty and charm. After forming a troop of traveling entertainers with the Elven Wizard Hiko, and later the Changeling Monk Toox, Chimes'​ Popularity began to soar to new heights, it's only a matter of time until her dream becomes a reality.
 +====== Character ======
 +**Personality Trait** - I get a bitter if I'm not the center of attention.\\
 +**Ideals** - The world is in need of new ideas and bold action!\\
 +**Bonds** - I want to be famous, whatever it takes!\\
 +**Flaws** - I once satirized a noble who still wants my head. It was a mistake that I am likely to repeat.\\
 +**Hobbies** - Painting
 +For more information,​ see [[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign_x:​campaign_x]]
 +====== 5E Stats ======
 +Bard, Level 4\\
 +STR 10, DEX 18, CON 12, INT 15, WIS 14, CHA 17\\
 +Trained Skills: ​ Forgery, Mimicry\\
 +Feat:  Keen Mind & Lucky\\
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