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 +====== Corrin ======
 +The outlaw known variously as [[gaeleth:​people:​Corinne]],​ Corrin, Korin, Corine, Corrinne, and Korinne is considered armed and dangerous -- and yet appears as innocent as a three year old human child knowing nothing of the world. ​ Guard your valuables when in the vicinity of this halfling! ​ She has been known to escape manacles, tight ropes, and even jail cells with alarming ease.  If spotted, apprehend with EXTREME caution. ​ Contact a mage or priest for aid in subduing this thief.
 +**Reward:​** ​ 5,000gp for the arrest of this halfling. ​ Wanted alive! ​ If killed, where she hid what and who has it now is lost!
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