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Character concept by Jamie Burnes, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Circa 1240 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1332 Avard. Evar remains in the Alsavier Duchy.


Evar is a classic sylvan elf maid, though young and inexperienced. She wears camouflaging leathers that breaks up her pattern, carrying a bow and a quiver at all times.


Like most of the Alsavier Duchy, Evaristhenilathe (known in the Common tongue as Evar) left Banoc'bae in the summer of 1331. Many of the lower-ranked nobles of the Banoc'bae kingdom felt they needed a way to express themselves, and they were encouraged to leave when the king of Rakore offered them a duchy all their own.


Evar lead a protected life, and is still feeling her way through the world – often over-reacting to some things, and under-reacting to others.

4E Stats

12th Level Elven Ranger

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