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Character concept by Luke Parish, all rights reserved.

Chosen of Arpelos

Date of Birth: Unknown. When the War of the Undead occurred, Garalus' physical appearance as a Sylvan elf put him in his 160s, or thereabouts.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. As the Chosen of Arpelos, Garalus spends much of his time in the Holy City of Karmen keeping the Inquisition in disarray. Garalus' logic skills and ruthless application of the Inquisition to the Inquisition also allows mages to be smuggled out of the holy city, and to Kur Maeth. Garalus' Disciple there, Deffrom Mallick, surreptitiously helped the civil war that occurred in Kur Maeth during the Rakoran invasion of the ograns in the War of the Four Winds. Garalus' dragon Artanus was residing in Kur Maeth until that time, but now resides in the Stonehelm Mountains of Rakore, overseeing the Jannissaries and the kobolds of the Johnathon Hills.

For more stories on Garalus, consult the Prat Chronicles, which detail his adventures before arriving in the realms of Gaeleth.


Garalus is an imposing Sylvan elf with fiercesome blue eyes, a mane of dirty blond hair, and a 6'2“ and 215lb frame. He carries himself with an imperious air, and is encased in gold-and-mithril plate from crown to toes. Garalus wears a mithril crown in the shape of a dragon with wings outspread, welded to a mithril helm that matches his gold-and-mithril plate. Over his plate, he wears a gold-and-silver surcoat that speaks more of quality than wealth, with a silver and gold mantle as betokens a Chosen of Arpelos.

He carries across his back a formidable bow and quiver of endless arrows, as well as a kite shield made entirely of mithril with gold edging, and a mithril dragon across its front. At his side is gold-and-mithril longsword known as Night Hunter – a sword so feared by the undead that the great dracolich Shirastalak will not approach within a thousand miles of it.


Garalus grew up in Vesve Forest on the world of Oerth, also known as Grayhawk. An archer practically from birth, he hired out to a group of adventurers to serve as a long-range defender. The adventurers blundered into trouble left and right, interfering with the affairs of gods and demons, always one step ahead of disaster. While infiltrating the catacombs of the lich Kilreptus, he discovered the holy avenger Judiciar, and became an elven paladin with all the rights, responsibilities, and powers of a human in his stead. Sometime later, Judiciar lost its powers as a holy avenger, and Garalus redoubled his efforts to remain true to his newfound god

Many harrowing adventures followed, before Garalus wound up saving the existence of his god – by escaping through the Shield to Gaeleth. There, Garalus introduced the worship of Arpelos to the populace, in the face of the evil gods, the Storm Wars, and then the War of the Undead. It is important to note that Garalus is the only priest to touch the God Slayer and survive – he wielded it to kill Nathel during his resurrection.


Incredibly practical and level-headed, Garalus displays candor and tact in the face of danger. Virtually fearless, his faith in Arpelos gives him strength of stature and wisdom that makes other men jealous. Skilled in the use of a variety of weapons, he uses any weapon available. Always keeping the cause of the greater good in mind, he is the epitome of good to the world. To his friends, he is as acid-tongued as a black dragon, with a lack of tact that would peel the skin off of any lesser men. Though his faith is real and true, only duty keeps him within his post. He often wonders what might have happened, had he never taken up Judiciar.


Artanusalanthanth, aka 'Artanus', is a rare titanium dragon – smaller than many other dragons, but possessed of a powerful plasma-based breath weapon. Garalus' first mount was a pegasus that served him faithfully for several years. The escape to Gaeleth severed the relationship of the two, and the morose Chosen of Arpelos was sad for some time – about two seconds – before dutifully calling it the will of Arpelos. By luck or design, one of the last of the titanium dragons sought out the former paladin, and offered his services to the new god, and to Garalus.

2E Stats

4th-Level Sylvan Archer, 13th-Level Paladin, 21st-Level Priest (Chosen)
STR 18/94, DEX 17, CON 13, INT 15, WIS 18, CHA 17
AC -2, THAC0 8, HP 124
Alignment LG
Special Defenses: As per paladin, Chosen
Magic Resistance: Immune to charms
Weapon Proficiencies: Grand master of the longbow, sword and shield style, ambidexterity, two-weapon style, longblades tight group, longsword specialization, shields, all maces, Sepulkon style in longswords (see weapon styles entry).
Nonweapon Proficienies: Seamanship (secondary skill), swimming, heraldry, ghost-fighting, land-based riding, direction sense, rope use, read/write: Common, healing, herbalism, bowyer/fletchery, observation, hunting, eminence.
Special Proficiencies: Air-based riding, priest and wizard spellcraft, religion, undead lore, healing, herbalism, endurance, running.

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