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 +====== Gwen ======
 +Gwen is a tall, imposing woman that has been in service to the Rakoran Guard since before puberty. ​ She acted as runner, learned her letters and became a scribe, trained hard and earned her commission as early as possible -- beat out by only two other humans for youngest Guard. ​ She left service in 1330 after five year's time, during which she saw the War of the Four Winds on top of numerous medals. ​ She rarely speaks of why she left, and feels no rancor towards the Guard.
 +She is the type of woman to face her problems head on, keeping solutions as simple as possible. ​ Her loyalty to the Constitution of Rakore has never wavered, and is still a guiding principle in her life.  She'd also rather eat her armor than admit she's wrong.
 +There are rumors she left the Guard due to a life debt that she can never repay. ​ The conflict between the two duties -- nation and savior -- may have forced her to leave the Guard and take up the life of a mercenary.
 +===== 5E Stats =====
 +Height 6'​1",​ Weight 185lbs\\
 +STR 16, DEX 11, CON 15, INT 11, WIS 14, CHA 11\\
 +Training: ​ Athletics, Intimidation,​ Perception, Survival\\
 +Weapons and Armor: ​ Scale mail, heavy shield, longsword, light crossbow, unarmed strike (4pts damage)\\
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