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 +**Hearne the Hunter**
 +Character concept by David Shortâ„¢ ​
 +//"​Don'​t touch the antlers"//​
 +Date of Birth: Unknown. ​
 +Current Status: Working for Meridian Enterprises. Living in a burrow in the back yard of Roswyn'​s shop.
 +====== Appearance ======
 +Hearne is a wiry, unkempt human of Amaran origin. He stands approximately 5'​7"​ (without antlers). His black hair is matted and dreadlocked from inattention and hangs down to waist-level. His beard is in the same shape, although it barely leaves his chin in length. It is not uncommon to find bits of twigs, grass and/or leaves in either.
 +He wears soft buckskin leathers under a stiffer, coarse boar's hide armor. He carries his gear and provisions in a variety of homespun, hide pouches and gourd containers. His hands are covered by the skinned paws and claws of a panther
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