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Henrik Kamus (a.k.a. Prat)

Character concept by Joe Parish, all rights reserved.

ArchDuke of Rakore
King's Advisor on Magic

Date of Birth: Unknown; the ArchDuke was believed to be in his early 600th year when he died.

Current Status: Duke Henrik died during the War of the Four Winds, sacrificing himself in order to buy the King of Rakore a way to win the war without losing the nation. More of the tale can be found in Sacrificial Bears. He is survived by his grandson Genesee Shalamarteen.


His iron gray hair and beard, iron gray eyes, and brown-gray clothing contrast with his well-tanned skin and immense musculature. His leathers have an odd brown-to-gray fade pattern, cut in traveller's fashion; knee-boots of reinforced leather, loose breeches, wide belts, loose tunic with no sleeves, and thick bracers. A matching brown-to-gray balandrana is often raked back over his shoulders, exposing wide belts with dozens of snap-down pockets attached, across his waist and over his shoulders. A faint smile tugs at his lips as though he knows the answer to a joke that you do not, and his eyes carry a quick wink.

One item has accompanied Prat since his earliest days in the Brotherhood of the Veil – a golden coin with the same head on both sides, each a perfect copy of the other.

His leathers are made from some mythical beast of Gaeleth, granting him considerable component defenses, as well as the ability to change shape with him when he changes forms. Coupled with his relatively quick speed and his tough lycanthrope hide, he difficult to harm. He also has the longsword Rhael, and succor disks of both Garalus and Delbin.


Henrik Kamus was born to the owner of a rich merchant fleet in Dyvers, along the Nyr Dyv on the world of Oerth. The death of his family and the destruction of the fleet by a rival merchant left the young Henrik the only suspect in the horrible murders. Taking safety in the shadows, he took the name “Prat”, and joined the Brotherhood of the Veil – a group of assassins working for the Scarlet Brotherhood. After years of uncaring service to the Brotherhood of the Veil, Destiny introduced him to an insane mage, and a determined thief. Together, the three of them would go on to shatter Prat's bonds to the Brotherhoods, and set right an ancient wrong. Armed with the gift of storytelling, Prat recorded his adventures in The Prat Chronicles, a lengthy volume in which he recorded neither spells nor magic.

Many years later, the dying curse of a demigod would undo all that Prat and his comrades had ever done. To escape the curse, the Arpelos the Reunited punched through the Shield of Gaeleth with desperation, taking his Chosen and his allies with him. The Shield shattered the group, spreading them across the face of Gaeleth. Separated from his friends, and still a burgeoning invoker, Prat was left to wander the great northern forests alone. Rising to the tasks of the Storm Wars, and continually hoping to find his friends, Prat met Ritarinne, the apprentice of Vyrboth Liss, the most powerful mage on Gaeleth. Ritarinne and Prat married not long after Vyrboth's death at his son's hands, and the two helped force Carl Liss into the shadows of Gaeleth. The male children of the line would go on to carry the trait of lycanthrope, but the parents were sundered from their children before the truth of the lycanthrope could be passed on. Kilreptus, an ancient enemy of Prat and his allies, resolved his revenge. Ritarinne's death, and the supposed death of all his children and grandchildren, saddened Prat beyond sanity. Remembering his past as an assassin, and all that he accomplished, he has taken once again to adventuring, rarely staying in one place for long.

For a time, Henrik served the King of Rakore as both an advisor on magic, and as a feudal servant. In time, Henrik rose to the rank of Duke, and was given control of Hallis Island. During the War of the Four Winds, Henrik sacrificed himself in a blast of aether-magic that saved the capital of Rakore and decimated an enormous army. For his sacrifice, Henrik was posthumously appointed 'Arch Duke of Rakore'. A large statue stands on Hallis Island in honor of his sacrifice. The longsword Rhael was never found after Duke Henrik's sacrifice, and while some presume it destroyed, many believe it only lost.


A gifted thinker, his melancholic bitterness is countered only by a deep sense of duty. Armed with the gift for gold, he can make one gold piece become two very quickly, wisely investing, and yet always craving more. Together with his duty, his considerable funds allow him to prepare for impossible missions – to right the wrongs for others that were dealt to him all his life. The loss of his wife and his family have hurt him the most, though his grandchilren survive, unbeknownst to him. Armed with a deep compassion for children and the helpless, his funds find their ways into churches and charity organizations wherever he visits, giving him a wide base of support to draw upon. Unfailingly kind to men, elves, and dwarves, the undead and the more evil races feel his wrath like a white-hot vengeance; the leader of the Brotherhood of the Veil was a beholder, and it was he who allowed the merchant rivalry to destroy Henrik Kamus' life. But when the day is out, he must set ink to paper, to contemplate what he has learned, and perhaps make amends for his failures.

Prat speaks Oeridean Common, Oeridean Southern, the Common tongue, Karatikan, Nathelian, Dwarven, and Elven.

2E Stats

11th-Level Werebear Fighter, 13th-level Invoker
STR 18/00, DEX 16, CON 20, INT 18, WIS 14, CHA 13
AC -1, THAC0 6, HP 135
Alignment NG
Weapon Proficiencies: Grand master of the longsword, ambidexterity, two-weapon style, daggers, grand master of the bear claw, bowyer broad group, Hummingbird style.
Nonweapon Proficienies: Navigation (secondary skill), read/write: all, rope use, tumbling, land-based riding, spellcraft, thaumaturgy, scribe, seamanship.
Special Proficiencies: Tracking, endurance, direction sense.
Special Attacks: Hummingbird style while in bear or quasi-bear form inflicts a whopping 2d6 points of stun damage per fist, while his claws alone can deal 1d8+9 points of slashing damage.
Special Defenses: As a werebear, he is immune to attacks by normal weapons, or weapons without silver in them. His regenerative rate of three Hit Points a day gives him a +6 bonus to all saving throws vs poison.
Spells: Typically, Prat uses the following spells: lightning bolt and cone of cold. An invoker of some skill, he favors white-hot attacks followed by chilling freezes.

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