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Character concept by Caileb Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Adventuring with Eingrim the Gold, Roland, Chimes, and Toox on the outskirts of Rilan.






Personality Trait - ?
Ideals - ?
Bonds - ?
Flaws - ?
Hobbies - ?


Velanna the Brass' Traveling Spellbook: An ex of Eingrim the Gold's, Velanna was a generalist of Lok Magius that died aboard the Drumkin while it was in Rilan. She was a mage for hire whose last adventure was a tomb in Lena belonging to a Karatikan druid-battlemage known as Uthinnar that was buried with honors in the land P'thathikir (modern-day Rakore). Spells: 1) Identify, Color Spray. 2) Levitate, Spider Climb. 3) Gaseous Form, Vampiric Touch. 4) Ice Storm, Secret Chest.

Tome of Pad Taral, damaged by acid: Pad was a gnome that hid a treasure room in the ruins of Duradog. The treasure room had several traps ahead of it, including a greased bridge above a chasm full of spikes. The tome is damaged, but the following spells were in it: C) Minor Illusion, 1) Grease, 3) Glyph of Waring, Remove Curse, 5) Wall of Force.

For more information, see campaign_x

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