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Hiko the Illustrious

Character concept by Caileb Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Adventuring with Eingrim the Gold, Roland, Chimes, and Toox on the outskirts of Rilan.


High Elf, 6', 108 lbs, pale skin, golden blonde hair, blue eyes
Yale blue robes with grey trim, floppy wide-brimmed blue wizard hat


Hiko was born into a rich High Elf family, fishing barons in the coastal city of Teras. He was raised in the comfort of his family's seaside manor, spending many days playing with his siblings and practicing his magic, with which he showed great aptitude. Later in his life he studied for many years at Lok Magius. He was eventually expelled for his rebellious nature. He actively worked against the authority's of the University, and eventually was caught sneaking into the University's Great Library to access information from forbidden tomes with the intention of revealing the knowledge to the public. He was subsequently disowned from his family for disgracing their name. It was months after being expelled and disowned that he met the Kenku slave Chimes, who he then freed from her captors, making a life-long friend in the process. The two together formed what would eventually be known as the Black Feather Troupe, in which he would stupefy and astound his patrons with his magic.


Personality Traits - I am obsessed with magic in all its forms. I share what I learn eagerly, sometimes too eagerly.

Ideals - Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence. People of all creeds and walks of life should be free to study magic.

Bonds - I am committed to my subject of study, even at the expense of my well being. My past misdeeds have left me scorned within the Arcane community.
Flaws - I am easily distracted by the promise of information and magical power. I overlook obvious solutions in favor of complicated ones.

Hobbies - Cards, Dragonchess, Reading


Velanna the Brass' Traveling Spellbook: An ex of Eingrim the Gold's, Velanna was a generalist of Lok Magius that died aboard the Drumkin while it was in Rilan. She was a mage for hire whose last adventure was a tomb in Lena belonging to a Karatikan druid-battlemage known as Uthinnar that was buried with honors in the land P'thathikir (modern-day Rakore). Spells: 1) Identify, Color Spray. 2) Levitate, Spider Climb. 3) Gaseous Form, Vampiric Touch. 4) Ice Storm, Secret Chest.

Tome of Pad Taral, damaged by acid: Pad was a gnome that hid a treasure room in the ruins of Duradog. The treasure room had several traps ahead of it, including a greased bridge above a chasm full of spikes. The tome is damaged, but the following spells were in it: C) Minor Illusion, 1) Grease, 3) Glyph of Waring, Remove Curse, 5) Wall of Force.

Jollock's Traveling Spellbook: This book was found in one of the warehouses of Rilan, and is suspected to have been stolen during the Betrayal after the Ogran Invasion. Unfortunately, the book is heavily damaged. The surviving spells and writings points to a sociopath with simpleton-like writing: C) Infestation, 1) Chaos Bolt, Zephyr Strike, 2) Dragon's Breath, Mind Spike, 3) Thunder Step, Summon Lesser Demons

Damathocles' Master Tome: This gold-leafed tome is enchanted to stand the test of time. Damothocles was a conjuration master from before the Storm Wars, and contained more than just spells. It has rich notes on the locations of several pre-war towns, fortresses, and wizard keeps, as well as notes on monsters, summonings, and powers. There are even some legal notes for dealing with devils and making wishes.

Macintyre's Traveling Spellbook: Taken from 'Mac' over some ruins to the north of Teras, this sloppily written book had only a handful of spells of note, including fireball.
* ArcLight (2nd Level), Bonus Action, 60ft range, V/S/M (requires a small quartz crystal that is consumed), Duration 10min, Evocation School; creates a very bright actinic light at the point chosen that spreads for 20ft in all directions and is too bright to look at for more than a moment, bright light for another 20ft, and dim light for another 20ft; creatures on the other side of the actinic light are considered to have full obscurement; once conjured, the arc light remains in place and cannot be moved; within the actinic zone of the light's source, all colors are washed out (monochromatic) and all creatures vulnerable to radiant damage take 1pt of damage per round (on their turn) while within its sphere of affect.
* Lift (2nd Level), Action, 60ft range, V/M (requires a feather), Duration Concentration, Evocation School; target one creature or object within range, and an ethereal force reaches out to surround them; make a grapple check against the target (your spell DC versus their Athletics or Acrobatics; creatures with fly speeds have advantage to escape) and if you are successful, you give it a fly speed of 10ft/round that you control during your round (effective that round); the spell ends if the target leaves the range of effect, if they escape, or if you lose concentration; the target may attempt escape checks each round they are being grappled.

For more information, see Campaign X

5E Stats

Wizard (Conjuration), Level 7
Background: Sage (Discredited Academic)
Race: High Elf
Alignment: Neutral Good
STR 8, DEX 15, CON 10, INT 19, WIS 12, CHA 16
Proficient Skills: Arcana, Deception, History, Investigation, Perception, Performance, Persuasion, Slight of Hand
Hobbies: Cards, Dragonchess, Reading
Feats: Skilled

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