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The people of a land tell much about it. If the people are all tall, broad-shouldered and wide-hipped, then we know the land is productive and there is much food wealth. If a people are all short and wiry and lean, then the land is poor of food or drink. But times change, and so do people – and sometimes, in a generation. The people, and the unique individuals among them and tolerated by them, tell us quite a bit about the world.

The 'people' listed here are Player Characters from the various Dungeons and Dragons games played across the face of Gaeleth. Each person is a character concept developed by the various players and used in game sessions to further develop the over-arcing story of Gaeleth and the SisterWorlds.

There are several people known as 'keys' or 'vortexes', because around them the destinies of many others are bound. Several such individuals include (in no particular order) for the nation of Rakore:

Seamus - a commodore of the Rakoran Navy
Tramin McNeilson - a FireStorm operative in Rilan
Jandor Firelight - Master Mage of Spider Werkz
Reed - the architect of FireStorm and second-in-command of Lok Magius
Simon Vadent - leader of a group of mage-smugglers
Xzaxilathalanus - who heads the quest for the artifact known as Al Mudim
Rell - who heads the quest to find all of the books lost from Lok Magius during the War of the Four Winds
Sam - Over'raj of one of the Alekdan Principalities
Greff - Team Leader for Meridian Explorations

For more information and the full list, redirect to People.

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