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 +====== People ======
 +The people of a land tell much about it.  If the people are all tall, broad-shouldered and wide-hipped,​ then we know the land is productive and there is much food wealth. ​ If a people are all short and wiry and lean, then the land is poor of food or drink. ​ But times change, and so do people -- and sometimes, in a generation. ​ The people, and the unique individuals among them and tolerated by them, tell us quite a bit about the world.
 +The '​people'​ listed here are Player Characters from the various Dungeons and Dragons games played across the face of Gaeleth. ​ Each person is a character concept developed by the various players and used in game sessions to further develop the over-arcing story of Gaeleth and the SisterWorlds.
 +There are several people known as '​keys'​ or '​vortexes',​ because around them the destinies of many others are bound. ​ Several such individuals include (in no particular order) for the nation of [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]]:​
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Seamus]] - a commodore of the Rakoran Navy\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Tramin McNeilson]] - a FireStorm operative in Rilan\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Jandor Firelight]] - Master Mage of Spider Werkz\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Reed]] - the architect of FireStorm and second-in-command of Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Simon Vadent]] - leader of a group of mage-smugglers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Xzaxilathalanus]] - who heads the quest for the artifact known as Al Mudim\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Rell]] - who heads the quest to find all of the books lost from Lok Magius during the War of the Four Winds\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sam]] - Over'​raj of one of the Alekdan Principalities\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Greff]] - Team Leader for [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Meridian Explorations]]\\
 +For more information and the full list, redirect to [[gaeleth:​people:​People]].
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