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Character concept by Saige Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Born: circa 30,000 years ago

Current Status: Spring, 1333. On the road north of Teras.


Iris appears to be a 20 year old human, save for her unnaturally ivory skin and occasional moments of stillness that make her appear as a statue. She is a deva, standing 6'6“ and built lean, with long hair the darkest of blue-blacks. This incarnation is already 70 years old, and yet she does not age, knowing that she will die again and be reborn again.


Iris was called forth once again by the birth of Dannamai, an eladrin whose mother died in childbirth. Iris knew it was her task to aid the young child, born blind but with gifts given out of time. Iris recalls little of her previous lives, knowing only that the gods favor the devas, using them as tools again and again. Iris knows that she follows Brigain, God of Destinies, also known as the Storm God. Whatever Brigain's will for Iris is, she knows not, but she knows she was once a powerful wizard, and she has a plethora of spells at her command to defend Dannamai.



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9th Level Class

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