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 +====== Isaac ======
 +"​whats'​s going on?"
 +Character concept by Aidan Thomas, all rights reserved.
 +**Current Status:** Adventuring near Takanal in 1333 Avard.
 +====== Appearance ======
 +x A Human with bright wight skin with hair the color of black and light purple eyes. wheres a dark purple cloak that wraps around his body    ​
 +====== Background ======
 +x isaac grew up in the city with 2 older brothers ​  
 +====== Character ======
 +x a bard that's bored with his dull life in the city and seeks adventure with a band of misfits ​
 +For more information,​ see [[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign_ix:​campaign_ix]]
 +====== 5E Stats ======
 +x bard (support like Build)
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