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 +====== Jalik ======
 +Character concept by Mitch Parish, all rights reserved.
 +**Date of Birth:​** ​ Unknown, probably sometime around 1300.
 +**Current Status:​** ​ Summer, 1331 Avard. ​ Jalik managed to avoid nobility and responsibility,​ and yet still performed admirably as a sell-sword up to and during the War of the Four Winds. Afterwards, he maintained a mercenary status, occasionally working with or for the mercenary Gundar. He can often be found in the smaller towns and cities, looking for any merchants or travelers that might need a bit of extra muscle. ​
 +====== Appearance ======
 +Jalik is a well-built man, with a hunter'​s sharp blue eyes. His dirty blonde hair is swept back with a leather clasp, and though he shaves his beard each morning, it seems to have grown back within a mark. He wears simple leathers of his own design and cut, dark of color to blend in with the forests, and very supple to suppress noise. His boots indicate many miles of travel, and the draped loincloth he wears over his breeches has many blood stains from where he has cleaned his blades. His swords are kept across his back, in the style of the followers of Yatindar, and the hilts are bound of the same dark leather as he wears. At his side is usually a moderate leather bag that contains a heavy load.
 +He is armed with the devastating Blade of Roses and the Snake Blade, having captured both weapons while investigating Stromgard Keep for the Rakoran authorities.
 +**The Snake Blade:​** ​ The pommel, hilt, and crossguards of the sword are made of black steel, sculpted into the shape of two cobras. The cobras'​ hoods are extended, making up the wide crossguards;​ the heads of the snakes face towards the point of the blade. The twin black bodies wrap around the hilt, and the red-tipped tails of the snakes face a bright steel pommel. The blade itself, somewhat long for a longsword, is of brightly polished, unblemished steel, save the temper line.  The vampyric sword drains a bit of an opponent'​s life whenever it bites, and transfers half of that life to the wielder.
 +**Blade of Roses:​** ​ The pommel of the blade is a budding rose made of blue-tinted steel; the same blue steel makes up the blade, serrated near the tip, and the base. The hilt is wired in green steel, and the crossguards are made of folding rose leaves, also of green steel. ​ Exquisitely crafted, the longsword'​s designer was a female dwarven weaponsmith. Her husband, an elven ranger, received for his wedding gift from her the Blade of Roses. ​  The blade does considerable damage against plants, scything through trees as though they were weeds.
 +====== Background ======
 +Jalik grew up in the warring nation of Vikerma. When his father died in the wars with Nutedae, the young boy took up the task of feeding and clothing his family, by hunting and working leather in the vast Vikerman Forest. The local baron, impressed with the young man's hunting skills, drafted him for the war with Nutedae. Over the next several years, Jalik picked up on several different weapons styles, and studied under the master warriors of the Vikerman Royal Army. When his family was wiped out by pestilence, and the priests that could have saved them were reserved for the wounded warriors, young Jalik soured on the glory of war. Abandoning his oaths of fealty, and swearing to have nothing more to do with Vikerma or its wars, he took to hunting and surviving in the vast forests of his homeland. There, he met the assassin [[gaeleth:​people:​Xavier DeVoth]], and the sylvan elf [[gaeleth:​people:​Fairyth]]. Together, the three would escape the wars aboard a Rakoran freighter, and sail to distant lands. ​
 +====== Character ======
 +Jalik is a calm and reserved man that has seen the horrors of war, and disparagements of poor rule. He keeps a small fire of rage hooded out of the public view, reserved for tyrants and lords. He chafes at authority figures, but otherwise is an able mercenary, hiring himself out for escort duties and explorations. Jalik truly enjoys his work, though dreams of one day returning to Vikerma and bringing peace to that land -- by force. ​
 +====== 2E Stats ======
 +**3rd-Level Human Fighter** \\
 +AC 4\\
 +**Alignment**:​ Chaotic Good    \\ 
 +**Languages**:​ Common, Vikerman \\
 +**Weapon Proficiencies:​** Specialist in longswords, ambidexterous,​ two-weapon style, Karanal style with longswords (see style entry), Alekdan specialist with longswords (see style entry).\\
 +**Nonweapon Proficienies:​** Hunting (secondary skill), running, direction sense, leather working, weather sense.\\
 +**Special Attacks:** A highly trained specialist with the longsword, Jalik has a phenomenal ability to strike where needed, and deliver extraordinary damage. By dint of his strength and his styles, he has a +3 bonus to attacks, and a +5 bonus to damage. \\
 +Str 17(+3) Con 15(+2) Dex 15(+2) Int 12(+1) Wis 13(+1) Cha 10(+0) \\
 +**Equipment**:​ Leather armor, Blade of Roses and Snake Blade (enchanted longswords),​ adventurer'​s pack.
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