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Character concept by Peter Kohler, all rights reserved.

Necromantic Instructor for Lok Magius

Date of Birth: Unknown, although believed to be sometime around 1210 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Nalfein continues to serve as the senior necromantic instructor at Lok Magius, Rakore, occasionally traveling to the Burning Sun monastery on Hallis Island to consult with the necromantic tomes there.


Nalfein is a drow, one of the 'dark race' of olde. His ebon skin, short-cropped white hair, and elven features are exotic in and of themselves, but something about all the darkness around him – in his dark leathers, his skin, and even his shadow – seems to sop up the light and make the area seem chill no matter any heat. Nalfein's eyes are a dark shade of gray that conveys extreme intelligence and extreme patience – as well as a capacity for extreme violence.


Nalfein's origins are obscure, and little information seems to exist about him prior to the War of the Undead. Most speculate that Nalfein was a child of the drow city of Tyven, a city taken over in 1265 Avard by Lord Elistan and his undead hordes. If true, it would explain Nalfein's love-hate relationship with the undead, and his intensive studies in necromancy.

During the war, Nalfein proved to be the only necromancer alive willing to counter Demik Coruth's growing powers. Nalfein worked from the burgeoning nation of Rakore as it grew in power, working against the tides of evil and undead. Nalfein worked with the legendary Baron-and-the-Bishop Dwarfendale, as well as Baron Malkir. Some of Nalfein's insights into countering the undead proved invaluable to the forces of good, and his loyalty and dedication to those forces have been vouch-safed by such notables many times over.

After the war and the establishment of Lok Magius, Nalfein took a more research-oriented role in countering the undead.


Nalfein is an intimidating man with an intimidating gaze, and he enjoys it. Quite intelligent and charming when he chooses to be, he prefers the solace of the undead, the quiet of the shadows, and the dark of night to the company of men.

2E Stats

Drow Necromancer
Speed 6

Languages: Common, Drow

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