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Character concept by Tristan Key, all rights reserved.

ExtraPlanar Studies Expert for Lok Magius
Master-ranked Mage of Lok Magius

“I. Don't. Need. Help.”

Date of Birth: Sad the 22nd, 1301 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Norion is apprenticed to ArchMage Delbin Arcanus, the ExtraPlanar Studies instructor at Lok Magius. Norion is the de facto expert on demons, angels, and anything that came from outside of Gaeleth, with Delbin often gone on jaunts through the multiverse. Norion is furious at the loss and destruction of the books from the library of Lok Magius, and like most of the mages, is willing to pay good money for information on what happened to the books and scrolls and documents that were stolen. Norion has staunch allies in this task, the vicar of Agincoth, Rell and his personal bodyguard Kaisumi Setatoro, and the mage Savana Beth Lomaksan.


Norion is a rather gaunt man with a grotesque visage. His pasty white skin is heavily scarred, with one scar running through his right eye. His left eye is a pale gray in color, and his right, scarred eye, is a vertically-slitted, bilious shade of yellow. Norion's dark hair is neck-length – including his bangs, helping sometimes to hide his appearance (although it can be disconcerting to see his discolored, cat-like eye peering through his bangs). Norion walks with the aid of a staff with one head of iron, the other of silver. On his belt hangs a crossbow that has seen considerable use, as well as a beautifully inlaid dagger, and a purse with limitless depths.


He was born on Sad the 22nd, 1301 Avard, to a poor fishing village on the northern end of the Tikranor Plateau. The village had a population of only fifty, and was considerably backwards, seeing trading ships or goods but once a month, if that. Norion's father, Brock, was always disappointed in his youngest son because he was skinny, weak, and bookish. Norion's mother, Jenny, was very proud of her boy, for Norion had taught himself how to read the village's six books by the age of six. Brock's eldest son, Tram, followed in his father's footsteps, and made life difficult for Norion. At the age of nine, Gil Lyle traveled through Bass Cove on his first recruiting circuit for the new Lok Magius. Gil paid Brock one-hundred silver for the young man's apprenticeship, and then brought him back to Kashin to begin teaching him the mysterious arts of magic.

Norion took to magic like a bass takes to water; he excelled, far and above the other recruits that Gil would find over the years. He missed his mother, and his younger sisters, twins Becky and Beth, though he never went back and visited Bass Cove.

When Norion was seventeen, one of Gil Lyle's dark secrets escaped. A demon savaged Norion before the summoning was undone by Gil Lyle's last breath. Norion spent several months bed-ridden as the demon's poisons coursed through his blood, altering his damaged eye, and filtering into his marrow. The experience forced Norion to spend many more months recovering, and forever changed the young wizard.

He then spent several years at Lok Magius, questing through books and tomes, determined to be prepared against another such attack – should it come. Few mages at the Mage Academy knew about the other planes, or could teach on such subjects, but Duke Henrik Kamus and Delbin Arcanus were available on occasion – instructing interested pupils in the arts of Abyssal speech, Hellish defenses, and more. The duke's duties kept him away from Lok Magius fairly often, but he made available to Norion some of his books and tomes to learn from. Delbin Arcanus was more often available, though on an unpredictable basis, as the elven mage often planes-hopped – once taking young Norion with him, to the Plane of Valhalla for several days.

In 1329, Norion received word from Gil Lyle's replacement that the demon-summoning laboratory had been rediscovered. Mistress Brin, the head the academy, decided to send Norion to the Lyle House to look through the remains of the basement, and learn what could be uncovered from Gil's final mistakes. Norion learned quite a bit, and returned in time to find the library of Lok Magius ransacked during the War of the Four Winds.


He is irascible, sarcastic, scathing, and generally intolerant of anything that interrupts his studies. Norion is driven to find power, to prevent his ever being as helpless as he had been at the jaws and claws of a demon. He fears being helpless, and will do anything to prevent being in that position, again. He continually practices with his crossbow, and studies magics with a nearly supernatural focus. Norion speaks Common, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, and even Draconic. He has developed a cold hatred of ograns, having found out that orcs ate his family.

3.5E Stats

Male Slate Human, 3rd-level Wizard
STR 6, DEX 18, CON 14, INT 18, WIS 8, CHA 4
HP 16, FS +4, RS +2, WS +5
Skills: Concentration +8, Craft (Alchemy) +12, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +8, Decipher Script +10, Spellcraft +10, Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (The Planes) +10, Knowledge (Monster Lore) +8.
Feats: [Scribe Scroll], [Willing Deformity], Craft Wondrous Item, Deformity: Eyes, Weapon Finesse (spells).
Special Abilities: Fortitude Save +2, see invisibility 1x/day.

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