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 +====== People ======
 +The people of Gaeleth are a strange and varied bunch, from spymasters to minotaurs, shadows to merfolk. ​ Among all those people, some few have risen to considerable importance. ​ They are divided among Player Characters (PCs) and non-Player Characters (or NPCs). ​ There are still quite a few people on Gaeleth, so brief character descriptions have been provided, where possible. ​ If necessary, press [CTRL] [F] from most browsers to '​find'​ a key word or person you need to look up.
 +The [[Encyclopedia of NPCs]] is an incomplete list of people the PCs have encountered over the years, and contains bare-bones information about those people.
 +For a generic character profile, see the [[gaeleth:​people:​blank]] profile.
 +====== Rakore ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Genesee Shalamarteen]] - Ducal Heir of Hallis Island\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Droog Grimfire]] - dwarven priest of Galgiran to the orcish duchy\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ethosivalisan Eskesieresal]] (a.k.a. '​Ethos'​) - priest of Whalin and rep to the sylvan duchy in Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Fairyth]] - Sergeant-for-Hire,​ Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Gundar]] - Special Agent of FireStorm\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Jalik]] - Rakoran sellsword and mercenary\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lilac]] - Druidess and Duchess-apparent for Hallis Island\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lo-Kag]] - a goliath from the arctic lands\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Malkir]] - baron of Archeria, on Maddog Island, Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Rottgutt Stoneballs]] - Thane in Loregard, Part Owner of GE\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Talon Bhramord]] - Duke of Rakore, ArchPrelate of Yatindar\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Xavier DeVoth]] - Assassin for the King of Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Jynx Maysolu]] - mage smuggler\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Xennith]] - Agent of the Bat in Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kelmok Nightstrider]] (a.k.a. '​Kelly'​) - Captain of the Privateer //​Nightstrider//​\\
 +===== HMV Rattler II =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Bjarne Bearstrider]] - half elemental marine aboard the //Rattler II//\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Cassandra]] - ship's doctor for the //Rattler II//\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Hrothgar]] - Gnoll marine aboard the //Rattler II//\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Seamus]] - Commodore of the Rakoran flagship //Rattler II//\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Seraphina Scrubfire]] - halfling battlemage for Commodore Seamus\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Maui]] - Bodyguard and Priest of Olorin for Commodore Seamus\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Jena]] - Winged Paladin of Yatindar with Commodore Seamus\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Angus Stonehelm]] - thane and chief marine for the //Rattler II//\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Tor]] - marine minoatur for the //Rattler II//\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Trixie]] - Spy for Commodore Seamus\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Xavien de Lance]] - Battlemage Marine for Commodore Seamus\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Cleo]] - bodyguard to Commodore Seamus -- and his lover\\
 +===== River Crown =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Aelar Wildstep]] - Shaman of River Crown, Order of Caerne\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Liam Caerne]] - Paladin of Whalin, Order of Caerne\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Telamon Williamson]] - Ranger of River Crown, Order of Caerne\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Maleah]] - Invoker Deva, Godmother to Clan Caerne\\
 +===== Teras =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Himamoto Aliunii]] - Apothecary\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Himamoto Hotaru]] - Apothecary (a.k.a 'Jade Mantis'​)\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Johannes Whermak]] - priest of Arpelos in Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sammeth Knar]] - Rakoran archaeologist and explorer\\
 +===== Chasadan =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Torak]] - Count of Chasadan, Prelate of Yatindar\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Storm]] - Cleric of Brigain, and winged drow'​ari\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Poy]] - Abbot of Brigain in Chasadan, Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lorvaden Degrance]] - Temple Guardian of Arpelos in Chasadan\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Roswyn]] - Artificer for the Duke of the Janissaries\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sorsha]] - Bard, apprentice to Roswyn\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Aeron]] - Captain of the Guard for Meridian Explorations\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Orren]] - Sergeant of the Guard for ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Graven]] - Artifact War-Forged with the Ducal Mage\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Hearne]] - Druid for Meridian Explorations\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ryviik]] - Manager and Archer for Meridian Explorations\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Greff]] - Strong arm of ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Corrin]] - Procurement and Acquisitions for ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Murdoch]] - Fleet Commander for ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Balasyr]] - Scribe and arcane researcher for ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Nadar]] - Dragonborn smith and warrior for ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kuori]] - Goliath warrior for ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Varis]] - Kenku scout for ME\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Arkhan]] - Dragonborn Defender of Xynosalionisis,​ ME warrior\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Erik]] - Half-elven Runepriest of Ktath\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Felix]] - Mage with Meridian Explorations;​ Adjutant to the Ducal Mage\\
 +===== Kashin =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Aust Nailo]] - cleric of Xoriah\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Gabriel]] - Master of the Lyle House\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Saranella]] - Chosen of Xoriah\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Simon Vadent]] - Priest of Xoriah\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Nicholai Mithralson]] - Master Instructor for the Wolves'​ Den\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Rain]] - Reeve and Bailiff\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Aegun]] - dwarven mercenary\\
 +===== Lok Magius =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Brin]] -- Mistress of Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Falkrin]] - a halfling sorceror from Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Delbin Arcanus]] -- most powerful mage in Rakore -- and most insane\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Nalfein]] - Necromancy Instructor for Lok Magius, Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Norion]] - Extraplanar Studies Instructor, Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​P'​Arkon]] - Knight-Sorceror,​ Expert in Demonology for Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Savana Beth Lomaksan]] - Mage and librarian in Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Reed]] Kieth - Mastermind behind Firestorm, at Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kirad]] - master of Firestorm and secretary of Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Elestrion]] - blade song instructor at Lok Magius \\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Rell]] - Cleric of Agincoth, Librarian for Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kaisume Setatoro]] - Bodyguard to the FireStorm mage Rell\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Genecelot Foresthene]] - Defender of Nature\\
 +===== Takanal =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Zachary Kantor]] (a.k.a. '​Zap'​) - Knight of Rakore, Wolf of Rahne, in Takanal\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Warvold Deepsmith]] - Thane of Daggoneth, Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ta'​Crae Sandrider]] - FireStorm operative for Takanal, Rakore\\
 +===== Star's End Monastery ====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lintrell]] - human spearman, Killed In Action (KIA)\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Yurok]] - half-orc thug\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Stonda]] - Kalashtari diplomat\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Batri]] - Halfling assassin and sociopathic killer\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Morion]] - human \\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Madresh]] - Dragonborne Banner Paladin of Samis\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Halkad]] - warlock of the Infernal Pact of Vengeance, bodyguard to the Lady Stonda\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Koristhene]] - twinned elven monk of Samis\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Jariskorn]] - twinned elven monk of Samis\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lo-Kan]] - Goliath soldier\\
 +===== Rilan =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Dwarfendale]] - the Baron-and-the-Bishop of Mount Rilan and Lok Giran\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Rain Straith]] - Wife to Tramin McNeilson, Horsewoman of Rilan, Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Tramin McNeilson]] - Bard in Rilan, Rakore\\
 +===== Stonehelm Clan =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ahira Bandylegs]] - baron of Rakore under the Stonehelm Clan\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Chimera]] - half elf / half orc with a dwarven attitude\\
 +===== Lok Sadic =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Phoenix Rising]] - Druidess for Lok Sadic, Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sadic Brevit]] - Baron of Lok Sadic\\
 +===== Spider Werkz =====
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kozak]] - Shadow Guardian to Sarah\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sarah]] - Prioress of Whalin, Spider Werkz\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Jandor Firelight]] - Wild Mage and master of Spider Werkz, Blatoon Island, Rakore\\
 +====== Alekdan Principalities ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sam]] - Over'​raj in the Alekdan Principalities\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kerri]] - Ticata Sorceress and Druidess for Over'​raj Sam\\
 +====== Wuron Sfa, The Dragon Nation ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Aerlyn Sendant]] - Lords' Hunter in Wuron Sfa\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Helcar]] - Dwarven Smith in Wuron S'fa\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kerith Sendant]] - '​Master Farmer'​ for the Dragon Nations\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Artimus Sendant]] - monk of Mikindim in Wuron Sfa\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Morbad de'​Banoc]] - Counter-seeker for the Dragon Nation\\
 +====== Quest for Al Mudim ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Xzaxilathalanus]] - Half-dragon Knight of Rakore to the Dragon Nations\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​N'​Kara Nightstar]] - Catty drow'​ari druid\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lucian Nailo]] - Mage hunter for the relic Al Mudim\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Taryn]] - elven cleric of Xynos\\
 +====== Kur Maeth ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Dolon Uther]] - Linguist, Spymaster\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lucard Wildstep]] - Avenger of Arpelos, Order of Caerne\\
 +====== Nor ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Thri'​Sil Fir'​mae]] - shadowy drow'​ari,​ Special Agent of FireStorm\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Handir Fir'​mae]] - shadowy drow'​ari,​ Special Agent of FireStorm\\
 +====== Missing or Dead ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Saebael Kennyron]] - Ambassador of the Wilden\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Grania]] - mercenary from Firland, Rakore\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Caloom]] - deceased thief from the War of the Undead\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Cephus]] - 'the Lavender',​ warlock from Lok Magius\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Draelien Bloodbanner]] - warlord hired by Mage Horbe\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Henrik Kamus]] (a.k.a. '​Prat'​) - Deceased Duke of Hallis Island\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Garet Fellhaft]] - a sellsword hired by Mage Horbe\\
 +====== Various, Scattered Locations ======
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Garalus]] - Chosen of Arpelos\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Atsu Kanzaki]] - self aware golem hunting the God Slayer sword\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Barome Revelstoke]] - Shadow Guardian to the dwarven priest Droog Grimfire\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Hadarai Jelenneth]] - a wizard hired by Mage Horbe\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Hone Galadel]] (a.k.a. Moonwhisper) - GE Operative\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kataelia]] - ranger from the Silidont Forest\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Liffey Rossin]] - a deep woods ranger working on Horbe'​s mission\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sin Gunju]] - Samurai of the Chamdois Empire\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sonya]] - Elven ranger in the Vridaran Empire\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sunalor]] - Paladin of Arpelos assisting Horbe'​s mission\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Travis Durasoth]] - Prelate of Rahne, Empire of Vridara\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​William Sylverheart]] - Wandering Servitor of Rahne for Halganath\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Zanithan Robbins]] - Knight of Rakore to the Clan of the Hoar Frost\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Faeradd Bunuckle]] - Gnomish inventor in search of the Gate Nexus\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Meredith]] - a freelance bard, half elf, half merfolk\\
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