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Character concept by Player Name, all rights reserved.

Born: circa 1263 Avard.

Current Status: Spring, 1332. On the road north of Teras.



Sariel was born and raised among a mixed band of gypsies in the lands to the east. Her father, Ascaris and mother, Miriam, were Eladrin born but left that life hundreds of years ago when her mother's powers grew difficult to control. Sariel and Dannemai are the only two children of Ascaris and Miriam (as far they are aware) and have never visited their homeland.

She is skilled in playing the lute, the lap harp, the ocarina, and she bears a seductive, mezzo-soprano singing voice. She works as a dancer, singer, and general entertainer when her gypsy family cannot find other work. In addition, she has become an accomplished alchemist and mixes a variety of potions for her sister to sell from the wagon. Less publicly known, she learned her ritual skills from her mother, Miriam, and has improved upon the legacy left to her.

Miriam passed away 70 years ago with the birth of Dannemai. Ascaris, lost and grieving, raised the girls to the best of his ability.


Eladrin….but otherwise unknown.

Early Life

Sariel was 5 years old when her sister, Dannamai, was born. Though she was young, that night is etched into Sariels memory in sound, color, fear, and blood. The Undead had been restless of late and her mother, Miriam, intended to cast a protective enchantment over the campsite. She hoped to keep the Undead from disturbing them in the night. Sariel had traced the circle for Miriam and waited nervously just outside the boundary for the ritual to begin.

Something…something unnatural happened shortly after the ritual began. It was nothing that Miriam did wrong. The enchantment, after all, was relatively simple and should have been as routine as, well, as routine as a ritual. No, something else happened. There was a change in the world. Miriam's pact had always been a dark one and, years later, Sariel is left to wonder if that somehow made her vulnerable. The change caused something evil, something Other, to attempt to cross into the protective circle. It doesn't matter that such a thing should not have been able to happen, Sariel watched it with her own eyes and felt it tingle along her own skin in fearful little goosebumps that left her feeling cold and vulnerable.

The stress of fending off the Other triggered labor in Miriam. In the beginning, Sariel thought that the ritual would end in time for the members of the gypsy camp to help her mother. Hours…..hours later…. Her poor mother did manage to fend off the presence but the cost was her own strength, her own life. The moment it was safe to do so, Sariel broke the circle and rushed to her mother with fear choking her throat. Vaguely, she remembered that others were there as well but Miriam, well, she was already gone.

It looked as though the baby were going to die with her. Nature seemed to be unable to complete the birthing process on it's own and the birthing skills of those left were not equal to the task of helping the infant into the world. No one in the camp knows or remembers how Iris came to be there. One moment Sariel was frantically imploring every face around her for help and, the next, Iris was kneeling beside her. There should have been alarm, consternation, fear, some sort of reaction to the stranger suddenly in the middle of this crisis. None of those emotions were realized in the gypsies that were watching Miriam and the infant die. It would also be unfair to say that her presence was suddenly calming….no, that isn't right either. To Sariel, it felt as though a buffer, a wall, a protective shield of quiet and light pushed back against the darkness that had been swallowing her entire world.

Iris is the reason Dannemai first took breath in the world. There was blood, a lot of blood. It was not a joyous birth but she did survive. Iris thinks that whatever evil fought her mother was able to reach just enough into Miriam to steal Dannemai's sight. The sweet, small, quiet little girl would never see this world after experiencing the darkness that took Miriam. Dannemai's life was Miriam's last gift - the only thing that she could leave for the baby she was trying to protect.

The world seemed to end that night for more than Sariel's little family of gypsies. That night was the beginning of the War of the Undead. The dark and the dead walked and fought against the world of the light and life.

Iris? Well, she is special. Sariel thinks that Iris might have been her mother's answer to the darkness. Her weapon to fight off the Other. You see, Iris is a Deva. She is a little bit of God sent here to Teras. It was that night that Sariel's own powers awoke inside her. It is likely no coincidence that the music she uses to express her power comes from the same God that breathed life into Iris. As for Dannemai….she is special too. Sariel doesn't know what it will mean for her…for all of them….to live a life next to Iris and Dannemai but this is the path that her feet are inevitably set upon. And who makes the roads if not the gypsies?



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