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Character concept by Jason Hoffman, all rights reserved.

Prior of Brigain


Date of Birth: Unknown, though believed to be around 1240 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. She and a monk of Brigain known as Poy opened a temple to the God of Destinies in Chasadan. Storm spends much of her time tending to the temple, but often travels the realm at the bidding of her master, Brigain.


An attractive ebon-skinned elf, most people immediately notice her leathery wings – with a full twenty-foot wingspan when fully extended. Her free-flowing, silvery hair extends to mid back, and her violet eyes shine with an inner light beneath her silvery bangs. Storm dresses in purple-dyed leathers that highlight her eyes, and allow for quick, light movement. Her holy symbol, a lightning bolt made of alabaster, hangs about her neck. Her holy book is a hand-scribed version, small enough to fit in a hip pocket on her purple-dyed belt. Her arms are free, and her slit leggings show black leg, better aiding her speed and quickness. Her walk is one of confidence and determination, and her steely glare can stop animals in their tracks.


Progeny of the drow'ari of Nabrol, she grew up as a savage, cunning beast deep within the abandoned dwarven mines in the Sasinak Mountains. A priest of Brigain discovered the elven child, and underwent the arduous task of educating her. Years passed, and the patient priest finally brought the elf out of savagery with cunning, intelligence, necessary strength, and gifts of knowledge to a hungry child. The priest, Disciple Edwin Mirage, died while defending her from the priests of Nabrol and their hill giants. Storm escaped to the rebel-held Chadil Jungles, and from there stowed away aboard a smuggling carrack. From there, she pilgrimaged to the Tower of Brigain – guided by an unseen force. At the Tower, she underwent the rest of her training, taking up the holy symbol of Brigain, and learning portions of the Master Plan.

After training at the Tower of Brigain, she traveled west to the nation of Rakore, where she interpretted prophecies and sought information about the War of the Undead. Storm was elevated to the title of Prior of Brigain just before the War of the Four Winds erupted in Rakore. Her ability to glide, coupled with her ability to kill using lightning, made her invaluable against the roc-hawkes of the invading Ogre Nations. After the war, she and a monk of Brigain known as Poy opened a temple to the God of Destinies in Chasadan.


Hunted as a child by the horrors of the deep, and then by the priests of Nabrol, she has learned to flee direct combat. As a specialty priest of Brigain, she knows her Purpose in the grand scheme of things – but she also knows that Purpose can change, particularly if she dies. Somewhere in her studies, she discovered an ancient poison ground from the leaves of three different plants. Slowly, over time, she has built up an immunity to the poison – but others must save versus poison, or die. She uses this poison in a lip gloss she can make from any kitchen, as a last resort defense against attackers. A victim for so many years, she thinks in terms of being victimized. But if push comes to shove, she will use her bioelectric field to shock or even kill.

2E Stats

1st Level Drow'Ari Specialty Priestess of Brigain
AC 6, THAC0 18, HP 18

Alignment: True Neutral (High Balancer)
Languages: Common, Elven, Nathelian.
WPs: UCE (Hummingbird style), 2nd-level Fugohan style.
NWPs: Tumbling (secondary skill), weather sense (class), ancient history: Gaeleth, read/write: Common, leatherworking, rope use, specific poison: lipstick, engineering, scribe.
Str 12(+1) Con 14(+2) Dex 9(-1) Int 16(+3) Wis 16(+3) Cha 13(+1)
Equipment: Holy symbol, prayer book, poison.

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