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 +====== Taryn ======
 +Character concept by Luke Parish, all rights reserved.
 +**Cleric of Xynos**\\
 +**Soldier of Korsth**
 +**Date of Birth:​** ​ Vor the 15th of 1300 Avard.
 +**Current Status:​** ​ Summer, 1331 Avard. ​ Taryn has been recruited by the half-dragon [[Xzaxilathalanus]] to help pursue the ancient artifact known as Al Mudim.
 +====== Appearance ======
 +Taryn'​s skin is a light, sun-touched color. He's a half-elf with slightly pointed ears and little facial hair, about 30 years of age, with long auburn hair tied back in a clasp. His eyes are powerful iron-gray in color, large, and missing little, constantly shifting, assessing, and looking. He tends to wear travel-stained leathers and moves with confidence and power. ​ Taryn tends to wear leathers and tough travel boots, along with a light pack, a longsword, and a longbow.
 +The Dragon Lord Korsth forged for Taryn two items of blood-red mithril -- a mail shirt and a longsword. ​ Both items can ignite in flames on command, either separately or together. ​ The shirt protects Taryn from fire, as well as his clothing and possessions.
 +**As'​shranas:​** this ring was named As'​shranas by Tylanion of the House of Elm, and perhaps came from the horde of Killashandrastatia. It was found in a vellum envelope with As'​shranas'​ name on it in the ruins of Tymarell, in a secret compartment in a hidden room. The ring is made of gold, with kite shields in an alternating point-crown pattern. ​ The ring protects the wearer with an invisible force shield that glows when struck by weapons.
 +**Hras'​Halas:​** this ring was named Hras'​Halas by Tylanion of the House of Elm, and perhaps came from the horde of Killashandrastatia. It was found in a vellum envelope with Hras'​Halas'​ name on it in the ruins of Tymarell, in a secret compartment in a hidden room. The ring is made of silver and gold intertwined into a miniature torc.  The ring delivers shooting stars against a target, harming if not killing the target.
 +====== Background ======
 +Korstholansthurast is the leader of the warriors and defenders of the Dragon Nation. A militant lord, Korsth has drawn to his banner many different peoples for a variety of reasons: some hate the [[gaeleth:​history:​Inquisition]],​ some worship the dragons, many sympathize with those who would stand for freedom, and others were merely locals whom have found a calling. Taryn found a calling both in the Dragon Nation of [[gaeleth:​places:​Wuron Sfa]], and in being a cleric of the Dragon God [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Xynosalionisis]].
 +Korsth and many of the other dragon lords were having difficulties,​ finding themselves rulers of non-dragons,​ and wondering how best to rule them, and how best to preserve their new-found nation -- and their species. The ruler of the Dragon Nation still communicates with the intelligence networks in [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]],​ where an ancient legend had come to life; in the ruins of Tymarell in Rakore, a dragon co-ruled with dwarves and men. Taryn was sent to Rakore to investigate the ruins of Tymarell, and gather whatever other information he could about dragons in Rakore.
 +While there, he met a Rakoran adventurer named [[Sammeth Knar]] that helped him explore the ruins of Tymarell just prior to the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Four Winds]]. ​ Together, they explored deeply into the ruins, and discovered much about the dragon Killashandrastatia,​ and how the city-state of Tymarell was ruled. ​ Sammeth and Taryn helped evacuate the people of Takanal into the ruins of Tymarell, and down into the ruins of Daggoneth -- upon which Tymarell was built.
 +====== Character ======
 +Taryn is a man of patriotism to the Dragon Nations, and devotion to Xynos -- but neither to more of an extent than his devotion to the land. Taryn is the quintessential medieval conservationist;​ he believes in Nature, knowledge, and nastiness to anyone with an evil bent towards either. ​
 +====== 3.5E Stats ======
 +**3rd-Level Ranger, 2nd-Level Cleric** \\
 +Initiative +2  \\
 +HP 39\\
 +AC 19; Fortitude +7, Reflex +6, Will +7 \\
 +Speed 6
 +**Alignment**:​ Chaotic Good    \\ 
 +**Languages**:​ Common, Elven, Draconic. \\
 +**Skills:** Balance +6, Climb +5, Concentration +6, Disguise +2, Handle Animal +3, Heal +4, Hide +4, Jump +5, Listen +10, Move Silently +6, Ride +4, Spot +11, Swim +3, Use Rope +4.\\
 +**Feats:** [Combat Casting], [Endurance] , [Track], Endurance, Iron Will.\\
 +**Special Abilities:​** Animal Companion (see below), Combat Style (Feat Substitution;​ DM option), Favored Enemy (Unchosen), Sneak Attack (+1d6), Trapfinding,​ Wild Empathy.\\
 +**Spells:** 4/3. He tends to use detect magic, cause fear, and sanctuary.\\
 +Str 13(+1) Con 13(+1) Dex 14(+2) Int 12(+1) Wis 16(+3) Cha 11(+0) \\
 +**Equipment**:​ Flaming mithril shirt, flaming mithril longsword, strength +2 longbow, immovable rod (47 charges remaining), ring of protection +3 (As'​shranas),​ ring of shooting stars (Hras'​Halas).
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