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Character concept by Danny Park, all rights reserved.

“Oh, great… Who else needs healing?”

Born: Circa 1252 Avard.

Current Status: Working for Meridian Enterprises, exploring.


Theren is a sylvan elf male of moderate height and lean build, perhaps 80 years of age. He wears light chain armor and carries a solid mace. About his person is the sign of Arpelos – a yellow sun with rays coming off of it – in leather or stamped in metal. In particular, though, Theren has twin tattoos of Arpelos' radiant sun on each of his palms. He has several pouches about his person, all full of curatives, lending him a scent of herbs.


Therenestelesk was originally from Teras, but spend several decades in Firland. The War of the Undead and the War of the Four Winds whirled around Theren in Firland, before a new priest arrived to help relieve his burdens. Theren wound up in Mount Basilisk, going where the healing called him, and eventually signed on with Meridian Explorations – where his healing skills are needed.


Theren prefers not to draw blood. A battle chaplain ordained in the blood of wars, he defends himself and others when need be, but is ever the healer.

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