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Character concept by Harry McKenzie, all rights reserved.

Knight of Rakore

“Moo? You can't be serious.”

Date of Birth: Unknown (probably around 1312 Avard).

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Tor is found wherever the Rattler II might be found, working as a marine for Commodore Seamus.


He is a minotaur – ten feet tall, and weighing 1,100 pounds. His hooves are the size of large dinner plates, and his hands are big enough to easily palm an orc's skull. His fur is a dark gray in color, with his hooves, horns, hands and muzzle being a near-black in color. Despite his obvious bovine ancestry, his teeth are slightly pointed, and his canines over-large. His eyes are horizontally slit, and a deep brown in color.

Tor wears a suit of light brown leathers underneath his chain mail, custom crafted to fit his enormous hide. Over his chain, he wears a forest-green 'tabard of Rakore', about which he wears a large belt with a belt pouch. He also carries a round steel shield – that is six feet in diameter. His weapon of choice is a large-scale great axe that has been enchanted to be extraordinarily sharp. His horns have had iron points fixed on them, as well – giving them even greater damage when goring opponents. In his giant-sized backpack, he carries a bedroll, water skins, and other sundry items.


Tor was originally from a strange plane of nothing but labyrinths, and he fully expected to die there. Being considerably more intelligent than the rest of the minotaurs that were prevalent in the mazes, Tor sought a means of escape – and found one. The other minotaurs were using a portal that randomly opened onto various planes, as a means of torturing victims of the mazes, or throwing out other minotaurs. Tor had the luck to be as big (or bigger) than the other minotaurs, and just as foul-tempered. He managed to beat out the other minotaurs long enough for the shifting portal to show 'something better than this'.

He showed up on Spider Werks Island – a large island in Rakore, where advanced mages practiced their spells and created constructs. One construct that had been under construction, was a portal. Tor stepped out of the portal, and scared the guards nearly to death. And the mages. And their familiars.

Several fireballs later (and several random spells later), Tor was still alive, so were the mages and the guards, and everyone was a bit confused. Several powerful clerics were brought in to assess the strange visitor from another plane, and it was determined that Tor meant no real harm, and sought only escape from the labyrinthine plane he had traveled from. The leaders of Spider Werks, nominally known as members of a group called 'Firestorm', realized that they had a warrior of considerable ability on their hands – and took to him immediately.

After several briefings, and a brief introduction to the nation of Rakore, Tor was sent on his first mission for Firestorm: he was to travel to the city of Kashin, and be on hand for a potential demon summoning. Tor's words: “Okay. Sounds fun.”

After dealing several issues, Tor wound up in the company of Bjarne Bearstrider and the gnoll Hrothgar, as well as several others. They went on together to become marines under Chief Marine Angus Stonehelm, under Commodore Seamus of the Rattler II, enjoying the life of being a shock trooper.


While his name was originally short for 'minotaur', Tor explains that the origin of his name was thus: “It's what I did to the first human I ran across when I got here. How else was I s'posed to find out if they were edible or not?” Although this answer is sarcastic, and not true, seeing through to that truth takes a special kind of person. Otherwise, Tor does not have a lot to say, much of the time. He prefers to let his sheer size intimidate most enemies, and he's finding out that most people take one look at his man-sized axe, and run.

Tor speaks Gamaun (the Language of the Labyrinth) and the Common Tongue.

4E Stats

Male Minotaur, 1st-level Barbarian
STR 23, DEX 12, CON 21, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8
HP 17, Fort +8, Refl +1, Will +1
Alignment CG
AC 22, Init +1
Skills: Climb +10, Intimidate +3, Jump +10, Listen +6, Search +6.
Feats: [Track], [Doombringer], Instantaneous Rage, Power Attack.
Special Abilities: Darkvision 60ft, Natural Cunning (Ex), Scent, Fast Movement, Rage, Powerful Charge.

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