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Character concept by Eve-Elizabeth DeMais, all rights reserved.

Escaped Spell Component

“What's that? What's this? What's…?”

Date of Birth: Unknown (mid 1326 Avard).

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Trixie is never far from her friends Tor and Hrothgar, who both serve as marines for Commodore Seamus. Trixie is and her friend Seraphina Scrubfire are reconnaissance assets for the commodore.


Trixie is a diminutive eight inches in height, with beautiful butterfly-like wings. Her pale skin is contrasted by her dark hair, and she appears to be a tiny elf. Her eyes are an intense azure blue, though the whole of the eye is this color, and she lacks pupils or irises or whites. She currently refuses to wear clothes.

'Trixie' by Diego Dasilva, copyright 2005; image used with permission.

Trixie wears a fine silver necklace about her neck, with the emblem of Rakore at its base. She also wears very fine silver bracelets, all a properly-sized gift from her friend Kerri.


Trixie was intended to be a spell component in Gil Lyle's laboratory in Kashin, Rakore. Unfortunately, Gil ordered the wrong chrysalis, and put the strange one he received in a glass jar. Later, when he was meddling at demon summoning, he wound up getting himself killed by the rampaging demon – and sealing away the existence of his secret laboratory. The release of the demon, and its getting free, caused Trixie's glass jar to be thrown to the floor and shattered. Most of the lab was destroyed by the demon, and only Gil Lyle's dying breath managed to send the demon back to its home – but not before the heat of the demon had initiated the opening of the chrysalis.

She hatched with one wing damaged by the fall and the shattering of her jar, but was otherwise well-formed, albeit only two inches tall. Trixie spent long years, isolated in the dark, hidden lab – surrounded by strange things that she could feel and sense, but could not see. She wound up nibbling on whatever she could find, drinking whatever she could find, and even battling the small myconids that were also freed by the demon's summoning and subsequent destruction of the lab. She learned parts of the common tongue from the occasionally raised voices above her, in the living room of Gil Lyle's house, which had become a recruiting station for mages. The tromp of boots above further added to her consternation at her existence.

Trixie grew to eight inches in height after the first year, but due to the darkness and the lack of companionship, never knew it. She survived, and proved herself a survivor. Three years after her hatching, her world was turned upside-down. A light – the first light she had ever seen – blinded her to the investigators rediscovering the lab. The second light she saw also blinded her, but along with it, came the strong incense and strange chanting of prayer-casting – further frightening her. The third light brought in relative silence, save for voices, talking to one another. One of those voices seemed vaguely familiar, for she had never heard the voice in its pure form – only for the past year, through the ceiling of the basement, and the floor of the living room.

The third time, the light stayed, and one of the giants found her, grasping her in its enormously strong hands. And they talked to her – questioning her. Worse, she came to realize that she had been surviving on the corpse of Gil Lyle for three years. Trixie had some racial memory, and it was enough to send her retching, half-crazed, near-broken, and out of her mind.

Thus did Trixie come into the world.

She wound up bonding closely with a strange creature known as a minotaur, one who called himself 'Tor'. Trixie learned much from Tor and his friends, and decided to stay with them wherever they went.


Her diminutive size is reflected in her diminutive voice, but she is a curious creature, and too intelligent to simply hide from the giants. Trixie is slowly learning about the outside world, suffering somewhat from agoraphobia conflicted with curiosity, and a frustration at not understanding the world around her as others do. Many forget that she was born scant years ago. Despite her age and naivety, she has a brazen streak of courage in her, defiantly waving her tiny fists at the world of giants in which she lives.

3.5E Stats

2nd Level Bard
Initiative +6
HP 12
AC 22; Fortitude +1, Reflex +9, Will +5
Speed 5; Fly 8 (good)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Languages: Common
Skills: Balance +11, Concentration +6, Craft (alchemy) +7, Hide +23, Jump +0, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Perform (vocal) +8, Slight of Hand +11.
Feats: [Cast Iron Stomach], Weapon Finesse, Alertness.
Special Abilities: Once per day, a number of times equal to her level, she can tree shape; because of her Diminutive size, she usually shapes herself into a flower. Her kind also has a +2 natural bonus to their Armor Class, as well as low-light vision.
Spells: 4/2/1
Str 1(-5) Con 13(+1) Dex 22(+6) Int 15(+2) Wis 14(+2) Cha 17(+3)
Equipment: None.

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