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 +====== Tullia ======
 +Character concept by Lynn Millard, all rights reserved.
 +Tullia was an elven cleric of the God of Compassion, [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Whalin]]. ​ She had been born and raised in the Holy City of [[gaeleth:​places:​Karmen]]. ​ When the time came, she sailed west with her mentor for distant lands. ​ She found work as a battle cleric, helping a forest lord clear out evils and old magics from his lands. ​ A man accidentally imbibed an arcane mutagen that turned him into an elemental made of ale, and in his terrified and alcohol-meddled mind he was caught on fire and then killed Tullia in the fall of 1332 Avard. ​ Several others died that night, fighting the aelemental alongside her.  For more information,​ see [[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign_ix:​ix-10-05]].
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