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 +====== Xavier DeVoth ======
 +Character concept by Chris Altnau, all rights reserved.
 +**Date of Birth:​** ​ Unknown.
 +**Current Status:​** ​ Summer, 1331 Avard. ​ Xavier DeVoth continues to be an assassin for the king of [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]],​ operating silently, quietly, in the shadows, and often in plain sight. ​
 +====== Appearance ======
 +A tall and lithe sylvan elf, his raven-black hair is held back in a loose clasp. His bronze skin contrasts with his ebon-black, supple leathers, giving him an even leaner appearance and hungrier appearance. His green eyes constantly watch for danger, as though expecting an attack at any moment. He carries only a small leather pack upon his back, and two knives as long as his forearms strapped to his forearms, with the hilts near his elbows. Closer examination reveals dozens of tiny black pockets sewn onto his leathers, and under them. 
 +His extraordinarily long knives are his choice of weapon, and he keeps two in his forearm sheaths, and two in his boots, at all times. Basically a tiny short-sword with only one reinforced edge, the knives have become DeVoth'​s trademark. In addition to these, he carries whatever spell components he might need secreted about his body. In his small backpack, he carries fifty feet of silk cord, his spellbook, some weaponblack,​ his quill, and his inks. Underneath his leathers, he wears a silksuit that muffles the sounds of his movement even further. ​
 +====== Background ======
 +DeVoth was a rogue assassin that allied himself with no one. His real key to success was his incorporation of the forbidden magics into his arsenal. A quick study, he learned the secrets of magery from one of his victims, before dispatching her. When the local underground discovered a lethal assassin not under their thumbs, and even more dangerous, an assassin allied with magic -- they moved against him. Escaping to the far north, he stowed away aboard a vessel bound for distant Grucheth, across the cold and forbidding Bureaugard Ocean. He found experiences even more difficult in the warring nation of Vikerma; allying himself with two others who wished to escape the eternal conflict in Grucheth, Xavier and his temporary allies found themselves bound for the distant nation of Rakore just as the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Undead]] began to heat up. Since then, he has tried to find himself and his calling, working for the Rakoran government on occasion, as well as a number of independents including [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Gideon Enterprises]]. His name hints at human ancestry, and his dark past and shadowy enemies seem to be around every corner during the night -- but whatever his background, he has determined to change everything, and be his own elf. 
 +====== Character ======
 +Xavier DeVoth was a cold and calculating assassin of evil until two back-to-back near misses convinced him that his chosen field was too dangerous, even for him. Shifting his world-view, he has decided that direct confrontation,​ and the necessities of war, are more called for than rogue assassins dwelling in the darkness. Xavier is a formidable opponent, and he knows it; his elven heritage and his background have made him seem a bit arrogant to some. To most, his confidence is inspiring, and his charismatic 'can do' attitude lends credence to his words. Give him a task, and he will accomplish it -- or die trying. ​
 +====== 2E Stats ======
 +**1st Level Elven Fighter/​Mage/​Thief** \\
 +HP 6\\
 +AC 2\\
 +**Alignment**:​ True Neutral ​   \\ 
 +**Languages**:​ Elven, Common, thieves'​ cant.  \\
 +**Weapon Proficiencies:​** Expertise in long knives, ambidexterity,​ two-weapon style, 1st-level Fugohan style.\\
 +**Nonweapon Proficienies:​** Read/write: Common (secondary skill), ancient languages: Karatikan, spellcraft, tracking, swimming, rope use, and disguise.\\
 +**Special Defenses:** Though he might appear defenseless against an armored attack, DeVoth maintains a spell defense around him that provides him with equivalent armor. Coupled with his 1st-level studies in the Fugohan martial arts style, he is difficult to hit, even when wearing no armor.\\
 +**Thieving Skills:** 15% PP, 10% OL, 5% F/RT, 50% MS (even in melee), 55% HS, 25% DN, 70% CW, 0% RL.\\
 +**Spells:** Typically, Xavier uses the following spells: armor, magic missile, and detect magic. \\
 +Str 15(+2) Con 12(+1) Dex 17(+3) Int 17(+3) Wis 13(+1) Cha 15(+2) \\
 +**Equipment**:​ Shortswords,​ ring of wizardry I, silksuit, adventurer'​s pack, thieves'​ picks.
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