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Character concept by Ross Rogers, all rights reserved.

Born: Sometime in 1313 Avard.

Current Status: In the employ of the Star's End Monastery.


Yurok is a half-orc, half-human of strong build and relatively tall stature. His skin is tannish with a slightly gray pallor. In certain lighting conditions it even seems a very light grayish-green. His oversized lower canines protrude from his mouth slightly, giving away his orcish heritage where it might otherwise be explained away.

Yurok is generally geared from tip to toe. He wears magical leather armor, including a leather helm with a detachable facemask that can be removed to show his lower face. Yurok carries an immense amount of gear, mostly in his backpack, that make him appear encumbered, but also a number of tool and vial belts slung across him, sling bullets, and a myriad of tools for any situation that may arise. He also carries 40 crossbow bolts in two separate quivers that allow for silent movement. Across his back is slung his iconic crossbow, a superior crossbow of his own fashioning named Curiss's Brush. At either side of his waist rests a mace with a perfectly spherical, unadorned head. Despite his appearance, Yurok walks eerily silently, a trait of his upbringing.



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