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Alsavier Duchy

The Alsavier Duchy was established in mid 1331 Avard by King Feldspar Graniteshoulders of Rakore. The duchy has a population of close to a thousand sylvan elves, as well as perhaps a thousand humans and another five hundred tomanths. The duke was Itaeleran Hireyesiye, Lord of Autumn Leaves, assassinated in the summer of 1333 Avard.

The kingdom was increasing its population of non-ograns as rapidly as it could, offering duchies to anyone that could bring in enough peoples. Duke Itaeleran Hireyesiye had been a minor noble among the Banoc'bae elves, but the lure of a duchy had convinced the charismatic elf to bring along as many others of his kind as he could lure from his kingdom. Itaeleran had managed to bring over close to five hundred elves willing to make a new start in the strange dwarven-led kingdom of Rakore. The creation of the duchy had funneled another five hundred sylvan elves from throughout the continent and other areas, as well as humans and others willing to submit to a sylvan duke.

Rumors indicated that the sylvan elf Duke Therinol Navaillo had originally been tapped to rule the Alsavier Duchy, but he had declined. Therinol was the first sylvan duke, but ruled a hodge-podge of races and cultures in Teras, and deigned to give up the duchy that had once enclosed the elven city of Terrace. Itaeleran absorbed many of Therinol's family that had been upset by the fall of Terrace some decades earlier during the War of the Undead. Despite the familial bonds, tensions between Teras and Alsavier continue – particularly because Itaeleran ruled the duchy as though he were a sylvan king.

The King of Rakore is already having difficulty with one of his newest dukes, and travelers are warned to beware the Alsavier Wood for Rakoran law might not hold much sway there. Many of the Banoc'bae immigrants work under Banoc'bae laws – or even anarchy – whilst in the duchy. Duke Itaeleran was constantly either bullying his lesser lords or manipulating them as subtly as possible into conforming with Rakoran laws. The duke understood just what irritating or outraging the King of Rakore entailed, but many of his lesser lords and peoples have no real concept of what it means to be Rakoran.

After Itaeleran's death, many assumed that his eldest son Estishirisal (called Este by humans and Baron of Gray Lakes) would become the next Lord of Autumn Stones; however, the eldest son abdicated, throwing the title to his six sisters. In the interim, Itaeleran's duchy has fallen to ruthless nobles and clans bent on taking the title through subterfuge and guile.

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