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Avath, Rakore

The town of Avath was founded in 1318 Avard at the behest of Gideon Enterprises. Avath is located nearly half-way between Teras and Rilan, and was just less than a day's good sail upriver, or two days barge travel by oxen draw. The levees and roadway along the Galanus River were not improved until 1324 Avard, but the size of the town doubled immediately thereafter.

General Characteristics

Classification: Small Town

Population: 1,500 (88% Slate, 12% Amarans, 3% Toomarans, 2% Sylvan elves, 1% desert elves, 2% mountain dwarves, 2% hill dwarves)

Spending Limitations: 2,000 silver maximum

Economy: Nearly all of Avath's economy is based on the trade going up and down river, though some small amount of hunting, farming, and fishing supports the locals.

Rulership: After the War of the Four Winds, the local GE representative was promoted from merchant to baron by the king himself for uncommon valor. The town is intensely loyal to its main protector, a woman that proved herself the equal of any orc in combat.

Baron Sherri Aucland: Built like a man with powerful shoulders and large hands, Sherri Aucland went from deck hand to stevedore to manager for Gideon Enterprises. When she was assigned to Avath by Rial Mhenace, she was good at breaking heads when needed, but had no real formal training. When the War of the Four Winds broke out, Sherri proved herself a fast learner, using the tiny population and GE garrison of Avath in innovative ways. Though the town itself was razed by the ograns, the population suffered only 10% casualties. Afterwards, she was sent to the Wolves' Den in Kashin for formal military training. Baron Aucland tends to wear chain with a sleeve plate for combat, using spiked gauntlets and a spiked shield as weapons.

Alignment: The town itself is mostly Lawful Good, kept in check by its powerful baron.

Defense: The GE garrison at Avath was knighted by the king, and still serves Sherri. The ten knights each were formally trained at the Wolves Den in the aftermath of the war, and now train their own militia groups. The city can call upon nearly 250 armed men and women in a crisis.


The local farmers tend to worship Barith, and there is a small temple to Barith in the town, called the Arboretum.

Taverns and Inns

There is but one inn in Avath, known as the Eleven Shields – named for Baron Aucland and her knights' defense of the town. The Eleven Shields is run by a tough dwarf by the name of Maegwin Ironwill. The Eleven Shields has room for nearly 100 patrons, and a bar that easily holds another hundred. Maegwin has a host of workers to take care of the massive edifice, rebuilt in the aftermath of the war.

Maegwin Ironwill: Maegwin is a tough dwarven male that has seen his fair share of battle. A recluse from the Warkore Clan, he was a close friend of King Ulrich before he was turned into a vampire – and through the grace of Galgiran, turned back.

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