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Caerne's Place

Caerne's Place was a farm hold on Mud Snake Creek off of the Western Cold River in the nation of Rakore. The farm hold was about five miles southwest of River Crown, where the local lord lived.

The farm hold grew a wide variety of crops: barley, maize, wheat, sorghum, (sweet & ) potatoes, and even cassava for starches; beans of many varieties for protein and soil maintenance; and a great variety of herbs, squashes, and other plants. Animal protein was supplied primarily by chickens and geese and occasionally pork, with some hairy cattle free-ranging on the plains away from the farms. Caerne, his five children and their spouses, and his grandchildren, worked some 50 acres of active farmland and another few hundred acres of cattle and hay and fallow. The farm hold ran 52 head of cattle on the nearby plains.

The hold consisted of eight buildings arranged in a rough U-shape that faced away from the creek, with the larger building entrances facing into the inner yard. The buildings themselves were partially dug into the earth and then built up with minimal lumber and sod walls and roofs. Stone was used in the construction of chimneys and hearths. Caerne and his wife had a building to themselves, and it doubled as an armory and loom. Each of the five families with Caerne had a building to themselves. There was also a barn that housed grain, hay, and other consumables, and had a deeper cellar off of it that was partially underneath the inner courtyard. The eighth building belonged to an old friend of the family's by the name of Maleah.

The farm hold was only two years old when it was overrun and destroyed by a horde of undead in late 1331 Avard. The remains of Caerne and most of the family were cremated there.

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