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 +====== Chandral ======
 +Hobrimeth is an isolated island continent that can only be reached by ocean-worthy vessels. ​ Chandral was established in 1151 Avard by an army of Second Crusaders from Karanal. ​ They are a fiercely independant,​ ocean-going people -- some of the few in the world that can navigate the Hobrim Reefs. ​ From birth, all Chandralans learn to swim, acclimating to the salty waters that dominate the mood and lifestyles of the people.
 +===== Rulership =====
 +The Chandralans are governed by a weak nobility and a parliament, that convenes for only one week a year; from the convention arises a prime minister that handles most large-scale problems, and justice difficulties. ​ Prime Minister Obrom Donotalek has held four terms since 1312 Avard, although no two consecutively (as per parliamentary rules). ​ The city of Forana if where parliament rules from, although the Prime Minister can set up court wherever he pleases -- usually his home town or city.
 +===== Religion =====
 +The sun-bleached,​ bronze-skinned humans style their people as being the descendants of the first followers of Olorin, and as such, Olorin is the dominant deity, with some moving towards [[gaeleth:​divinities:​K'​Tath]] or [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Yatindar]].
 +===== Trade =====
 +Isolated as the Chandralans are, they are master ship builders and distance traders. ​ They also tend to be whalers, following the giant cetaceans across the oceans, and attempting to establish trading relations with a great many nations. ​ They export whale oil, fish, sea-shells, pearls, spices, wine, and mahogany. ​ They import grain, leathers, and cotton, as well as gold.  Because commerce plays such an important part of the Chandralan lifestyle, bribery and blackmail happens, but enough honor remains for many to do what's right.
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