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Chasadan, Rakore

Chasadan is located at the mouth of the Cold Rivers, and channels all the trade goods of the Janis Plains duchy. The city is heavily fortified, with a fair-sized garrison and a strong naval defense. The docks are managed by paladins who can detect evil intent with the aid of the gods, on all incoming merchants and trade goods. Chasadan is the second largest city after Kashin, and the third busiest port after Teras and Gridolin due to its shallow-draft docks.


The Fourth Crusades foundered in the 'Dark Heart of Evil' known as Kur Maeth. The city-state of Kur Maeth came under dominion by the masters of the crusades, the Inquisition-aligned churches from the Holy City of Karmen. Though the Inquisition had been raging on for the better part of five centuries, the foundering in Kur Maeth, coupled with a seemingly unjust war in neighboring Rakore, caused many of the crusaders to turn away from the Inquisition and defect to Rakore. The King of Rakore offered the defectors a duchy of their own, with much potential, and much freedom. Many of those within the Janis Plains Duchy were able to live their lives free of the all-consuming Inquisition, and assuage their guilt over past crimes committed in the name of the crusades.

Chasadan was founded as an ideal city for trade into the duchy. The shallow seas around the mouth of the Cold Rivers made for good fishing, and the Cold Rivers made shallow-draft barge traffic possible. The great plains were ideal for farms and farm holds, and could grow massive amounts of agriculture. Included in the duchy were several mountains that had formerly belonged to the Warkore dwarves, but had been cleaned out and decimated by the unjust war. Chasadan, then, was founded on hope, and is where the majority of refugees from the Inquisition arrive and thrive.

On Yatindar's Eve, 1332, the High Priest of Yatindar in the city, Father Albrem, was assassinated. During the ensuing chaos, it was revealed that Father Albrem was still loyal to the Inquisition, and out to kill the Ducal Mage, Hershel Kavris. The city reeled from the one-two punch, but recovered with the aid of Count Torak and Duke Talon – and the work of the Ducal Mage and his people.

General Characteristics

Classification: Small City

Population: 22,250 (84% Slate, 10% hill dwarves, 6% mixed)

Spending Limitations: 400,000 silver maximum

Economy: Chasadan is the mouth of the Jannis Plains, a great food-growing land within Rakore. The western Warkore Mountains – at least on the surface – also fall within the purview of the Jannisaries and Duke Talon Bhramord, adding a considerable number of goats and sheep to the agricultural power of the duchy. Wool and food and cloth go out, and metal and lumber and luxury goods flow in, mainly by sea but sometimes by over-mountain trails through the western Warkores. Despite sharing a border with the kobold duchy, no real trade takes place between the two. Some trade does go on with the Stonehelms and their apprentices, the Bandylegs, with metals and weapons being exchanged for food and cloth. Fishing and salt-making goes on in the villages near Chasadan.

Rulership: The Count of Chasadan is a Defender-ranked paladin of Yatindar, and a veteran of the War of the Undead and the War of the Four Winds. Count Torak is a powerful and noble man, and well capable as a leader in battle, be it with swords or words or coin.

Alignment: The city is Lawful Good, founded as it were by paladins and crusaders of the Inquisition.

Defense: Chasadan has some 400 full-time warriors in heavy plate and heavy weapons, ready as it is to fend off another attack from Kur Maeth. The city has a score of triremes ready to launch on short notice, with a trained militia of nearly 2,000 mean and women for both land and sea combat.

Ducal Mage: The Janis Plains was the first of Rakore's duchies to have an official mage. Hershel Kavris is an arcanist-ranked mage with family in Teras, and a brother in the clergy in Chasadan. Hershel is a generalist of the first order, who maintains his studies and keeps a finger on the pulse of Chasadan. Herhsel and his brother William also run Meridian Explorations – a small company of top-notch explorers and adventurers who are available on short notice for exceptional problems.


Swaddled Blade (Yatindar): The temple-fortress also serves as the headquarters of the Guard, and as the legal headquarters for the magistrates, bailiffs, reeves, and lawyers. The High Priest of the city and the duchy's cardinal was Father Albrem until Yatindar's Eve of 1332, until he died during an Inquisition-style assassination attempt on the ducal mage. The new cardinal of the duchy, based out of the Swaddled Blade, is Mother Kalia; she is also the Colonel of the Guard for Chasadan. Mother Kalia runs a formidable military operation, ensuring the security of not just Chasadan, but the gateway into the duchy. Close to a dozen captains work for Mother Kalia, and she spars with them quite often.

Deep Ditch (Mikindim): The High Priest and Cardinal of Mikindim of the Janis Plains is in Chasadan. The building is an engineering and maintenance headquarters for the duchy and the city, and is overseen by the slate Father Mulgrin, who is a bear of a man with a large appetite and a keen eye for detail.

Temple of Destinies (Brigain): A small rotunda of white marble columns, surrounded by tall fir trees, is the only temple of Brigain in Rakore. The temple has but one priest, a drow'ari with wings that goes by the name of Storm. Her protector is a disciplined young man named Poy, who screens her visitors and ensures that only priests empowered by the gods enter the Temple of Destinies. Visitors from distant lands make the pilgrimages to the temple to consult with Brigain's will.

Morning Sun (Arpelos): The High Priest of Arpelos and Cardinal of Arpelos for the Janis Plains is the elderly Father Tydarosal. Though old and weak of sight and hearing, Father Tydarosal is well-tended by Lorvaden deGrance, a paladin of Arpelos and administrator of the temple and the church.

Stamp of Peace Monastery of Lul: The monastery also serves as both a library and a center of coinage, built like a fortress to protect the books and the bullion. A number of powerful paladins, identified by their tonsured heads and vows of silence, help to protect the monastery and its grounds from intruders. The monastery is overseen by a seventeen year old prodigy, Mother Onya of Giranhad, Cardinal of Lul, High Priest of Lul for the Janis Plains, and a gifted artist.

Taverns and Inns

Main Tavern: Scarlet Armor
Additional Taverns: Chalice of Light, Crown of Briars, Green Brew, Pitchfork, and the Order.

Main Inn: Shom Locks
Additional Inns: Red Torch, Patchy Hammock.


Artificer; Roswyn
Farmers Market
Fishers Market
Gideon Enterprises General Store
Healers Enclave

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