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 +====== Elteraalaalaest ======
 +Known as '​Eltera'​ by most, Elteraalaalaest is a county of the [[Mount Lavanor Duchy]] ​ comprised mainly of desert elves. ​ The hilly forests are used as a base of operations for hunters and rangers of the duchy, with much of its extra meat going to nearby [[Kashin]] to the west in exchange for coin and goods.
 +Count Sharkor Dierayalist was chieftain of the desert elven city state of Elteraalaalaest in the Choranil Desert. ​ Just before the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Undead]] broke out, Elteraalaalaest was abandoned before the forces of the ograns. ​ Sharkor proved himself a formidable warrior, but also a wise leader with nearly three-quarters of a millennium'​s experience. ​ Abandoning his home, Sharkor led perhaps the largest collection of desert elves remaining in the Choranil out of the desert and into the Rakoran forests. ​ The dangers of the forests proved new and formidable for the desert elves, but they were aided by the humans of Kashin and the dwarves of [[Mount Lavanor]]. ​ As the War of the Undead blossomed, the desert elves proved themselves allies of Mount  Lavanor and Kashin, learning the ways of the forests and the mountains.
 +Desert elves being both nomads and stone masons to an extent, the capital of the county shifts seasonally between four locations hewn from the hills. ​ The county is patrolled by desert elves who have become accustomed to the forests, using yard-long arrows, wicked axe-shields,​ and ambush tactics to keep the land as safe as possible. ​ During the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Four Winds]], the ograns never took Eltera, a point of pride among the desert elves and their human allies in the county.
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