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 +====== Fasra ======
 +Fasra is the seat of the Janis Duchy in [[Rakore]], as well as the West Plains barony. ​ Founded in late 1329, the fortress and its surrounding town sit at the juncture of the Eastern and Western Cold Rivers in the Janis Plains.
 +The fortress is still under construction as of 1331 Avard, with the main keep and one tower completed, but walls and other facilities still under construction. ​ The town of a thousand people has its own inn catering mainly to merchants, known as the Spinning Leaf.  The town also has its own smithy, an armory for the garrison, and a horse-training ranch.
 +The town's temple is dedicated to [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Yatindar]],​ and is run by the Vicar Colbert James. ​ In the early winter of 1331, Vicar John Culpepper -- a retired protector paladin turned priest -- was killed by a necromancer posing as the duchy'​s mage.  Vicar John had made the a grave mistake in his unconditional support of the mages, forgetting that mages were both good and evil, like any other men.  To prevent such a similar event from occurring, Vicar Colbert was sent to Fasra from Chasadan. ​ Vicar Colbert has a deep-seated hatred of the mages, despite his defection from the Inquisition. ​ There are those that believe him still heavily connected to Kur Maeth and the Holy City of Karmen. ​ Despite those beliefs, Duke Talon feels Vicar Colbert is the best priest to run the temple, and keep an eye on the mages of the duchy.
 +Near the temple and the keep is the mage's tower, commonly called Master Heinz'​s tower.
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