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Firland, Rakore

Located at the mouth of the Panthera River, Firland has always existed as a confluence of trade, bordered on the south by the Rakoran Forests, on the north by the western end of the Rakanus Mountains, and to the west by the Goordune Ocean. The forests on the northern side of the city were logged for many centuries, and a small farming community now exists there on the man-made plains. Across the river, the wilds of the forests dominate.

If any city in Rakore can be said to be of many races, Firland's rough-and-tumble nature could probably be described as the best example. A 'melting pot' of modern Rakore, it has trading orcs from the mountains, Nabrolians who gave up the Mad God, elves from the deep forests, humans from all walks of life, tomanths from the river, and quite a few other races and peoples. Firland being the westernmost city in all the continent, it tends to do a considerable trade as goods trade from land to sea, sea to land, or land to land.

During the recent War of the Four Winds, the city was overrun by Nabrolians from the sea and orcs from the air. The people went into hiding within the forests and the nearby mountains, and fought long and hard against both. When the war ended, the survivors set to rebuilding – aided by a peacemaker Nabrolian priestess who converted to the ways of Habrem, the Goddess of Love.

There is a small faction within the town that thinks their lord was subdued as a love slave to a blood-worshipping witch. As such, there is an underground of foment, distrust, arms shipments, and intrigue.

General Characteristics

Classification: Large Town

Population: 3,500 (52% Slate, 11% Nabrolian, 9% Sholin, 8% orcs, 4% Sylvan elves, 4% tomanths, 4% hill dwarves, 2% Toomarans, 2% Amarans, 2% desert elves, 2% mountain dwarves)

Spending Limitations: 200,000 silver maximum

Economy: Firland is supported and maintained by both the crown and Gideon Enterprises, existing as a valuable trade route made even more so in the aftermath of the war. A great number of products move through the town, many side businesses have sprung up to support it.

Rulership: Firland is ruled by a conventional feudal ruler, but is aided by a Circle of Priests – composed of a priest each of Olorin, Habrem, Barith, Elinthar, and Samis.

Baron Keddick Karr: Baron Karr was a ranger that led the locals during their time against the Nabrolians. His forgiveness of the followers of Nabrol that converted, and his marriage to the Nabrolian priestess that converted many to Habrem, have helped heal many of the war wounds of the community. Baron Karr plays politics the same way he hunts – listening, watching, waiting, and striking only when sure of a kill or making a desperate gamble. He is a tall, lean man with piercing gray eyes and dirty blonde hair, who wears a surcoat with a single fir tree with a long shadow.

Baroness-and-Prioress Nalura Karr: Nalura was a priestess of Nabrol, the Mad God. She helped lead the assault of the Nabrolians against the Rakorans, reveling in the bloodshed, slaughter, and murder her giants unleashed, her soldiers raping and pillaging, and the sacrifices she made at the altar of Nabrol. She was captured in a daring raid by Keddick Karr, the leader of the resistance – and became consumed with something greater than lust that she could not understand. Keddick Karr took his time to properly teach and break the dark-haired, dark-eyed, swarthy-skinned woman – showing his own people patience and forgiveness, while at the same time making considerable progress with the woman. Nalura rebuked Nabrol, and began to make atonement for her many, many sins she had committed against her fellow man. In time, she came to love Keddick Karr, finding peace against her inner demons despite her hideous past.

Alignment: Firland is a rough-and-tumble Chaotic Good town. The peace is sporadically enforced when it comes to non-lethal combat, theft, and sporadic violence that results in no permanent harm. Murders or damage that cannot be healed are ruthlessly prosecuted, with violators turned over to the Circle of Priests for redemption or death.

Defense: Rilan has 45 full-time men-at-arms in green tabards, headed by Baron Keddick Karr himself. The full-time guards are all rangers that worked with and trained with the baron. They tend to watch silently and unobserved, and then strike when things get out of hand. There are an additional 30 members of the Guard in blue tabards, who also report to the baron, but are often tasked with paperwork, docks monitoring, or other details. The Guard and the men-at-arms tend not to get along or mix, save for the few members of the Guard actually from Firland.


Firland has long been a small bastion of Olorin, close as it is to the sea. Barith and Elinthar have also been long worshiped in the town, as far back as there have been people there. Samis came to the town with the addition of the Star's End Monastery a day's ride to the east, and Habrem followed not long after as a counter to the influence of Samis.

In the rebuilding of Firland, something different was done regarding the reconstruction of the temples. Rather than have each church build a separate temple in various sections of the city, a large portion of land with room for further expansion was given over solely to the Circle of Priests. The Convocation was built as a single, massive public cathedral on the northern side of the town, near the plains and near the sea. Congregations from various churches meet at various times, though all the priests are in attendance. The priests also have five separate wings off of the church, branching off from the main cathedral like the five points on a star.

As the people of Firland began to rebuild, the Maotosh, a seagoing city of Sholin (Soha'in) were swept ashore. Aided by Commodore Seamus, the Maotosh were forced to abandon the sea for the land after being ravaged by both the Nabrolians and a terrible infestation of undead. The shrine to Olorin that had led the Maotosh to Firland was still in place beneath the waves, untouched by the ignorant Nabrolians.

The Convocation

The Convocation is nominally led by the Baroness-and-Prioress Nalura Karr, though much of the cathedral's power is shared by its five lead priests. The Baroness-and-Prioress is a devout follower of Habrem, and believes that love can truly conquer all.

The Prior of Barith is a retired farmer that found his god later in life. With gnarled hands and wizened eyes, Prior Gadilith is perhaps the wisest of the circle, with infinite patience and a farmer's work ethic. He has a deep friendship with the Bishop of Olorin. When Prior Gadilith votes, he tends to vote sympathetically with the transgressors.

The Bishop of Olorin is an older Sholin man who spent all his life at sea. Unaccustomed to land and wary of land-lubbers, Ayo Ayo has found a deep friendship with the Prior of Barith. When the five priests vote, it is Ayo Ayo that acts as tie-breaker.

The Prior of Elinthar is as much a hunter as any within the town, though rather than kill his prey, he tends to mark them with a red hand print. Gada Helmsson lives a fierce life, full of passion, fury, violence, and patience. The prior has been known to mark people with the red hand print, as a warning that they can be killed at any time. Gada has a fierce hatred of the orcs, and always votes against them when the five priests meet as a Circle.

The Vicar of Samis is a spidery, willowy older woman with a long face and a sweet disposition. Vassidi Esheliria plays the part of the elderly grandmother, but underneath it is a spider of bitter venom – often setting her at odds with Nalura Karr. Vicar Vassidi is a shrewd businesswoman, handling many of the affairs of the Star's End monastery and its connections with the outside world.

Taverns and Inns

The taverns of Firland tend to cater almost exclusively to the locals, by race or by trade. The three small inns of Firland also boast taverns, and cater to outsiders and traders.

Orcs - The 6th Breast
Sholin - Olorin's Tail
Nabrolians - the Penance
Local farmers - Onion Basket
Western townsmen - Two Shiners
Eastern townsmen - the Nine Axes
Nobles - Barnaby's
Sailors - the PQulieR

The Three Pheasants (tavern and inn)

The Three Pheasants is a pleasant little inn with its own tavern, located near the river and the docks. The sprawling one-story affair has a commons room as well as a number of larger six-bed rooms for rent. The establishment caters often to visiting nobility and high end merchants, and hosts the baron when he has formal functions.

Gregory Handlersson: Gregory and many like him are forever grateful to the baron for helping safeguard him and his family. The owner and proprietor of the Three Pheasants lets his wife run the kitchens, and his two almost marriageable daughters work the floor and the rooms, and his marriageable son work the tavern.

The Silver Sylph (tavern and inn)

Located near the middle of the town, the Silver Sylph has a tall observation tower than can be seen from nearly anywhere. The two-story establishment sports a number of smaller rooms, and is run by and tended by a small clan of tomanths whom no one seems able to tell apart.

The Cranky Dwarf (tavern and inn)

The local hill dwarves often visit the Cranky Dwarf because a cranky but gossipy dwarf named Gengle Stormblade. The Cranky Dwarf has some of the best drink in town, with the tavern itself and its attached stables being the only portion of the structure above ground. The rest of the building was built into the earth with mortared stone lining its walls and halls. Gentle slopes allow for wheel barrows full of ale and food to move in and out of the defensible inn, which sits underneath a large plot of empty land.

Gengle Stormblade: A veteran of the original orc wars, the undead wars, and then the ogran invasion, Gengle decided to hang up his axe and retire. The longbeard still keeps the axe behind the counter where he can get at it, but his nephew and his family run the establishment for the most part. Gengle is one cranky bastard of a dwarf, but he likes to gossip and he rewards good gossip with good ale.


Apothecary: Undetailed.

Farrier: Undetailed.

Fur Trader: Undetailed.

General Merchant: Undetailed.

Blacksmith: Undetailed.

Whitesmith: Undetailed.

Clothier: Undetailed.

Mercenaries: Undetailed.

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