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Fugo Kingdoms

Capital: Hwuah Jong

National Alignment: LG

Population: 125,000

Size: 62 thousand square miles

Government: Theocratically-approved Kings

Ruler: Schema (head abbot) Kobitai

Law: Feudal, Peasants Rights

Coin: Quoah


The 25 Fugo kings rule over the gateway to the Jade Lands of Chilleth. Through the Fugo kingdoms moves most of the trade of continent of Chilleth, and so the continually squabbling kings have a great deal invested in foreign trade, each trying to specialize in a particular type of trade with the west and with the rest of the Jade Lands. The kings are nominally approved by the head of the Fugo church, a somewhat unique entity on Gaeleth – one with no gods and no Chosen. While technically a feudal land, the peasants of the land farm well enough to spend much of their time training in the martial arts. Battles between kingdoms are often quick and brutal – and over within days, the loser conceding certain rights or peoples for a time.


The Chosen of Whalin established his second home at the mouth of the Naimow River several thousand years ago. His warmth and compassion, and his exceptional healing abilities, led to the creation of a city there bearing his name: Hwuah Jong. The Church of Whalin was very strong in the region until the War of the Ivory Hands, in which the church itself was ousted from the Fugo kingdoms. The people of the region believed strongly in ancestor worship, and the souls of their departed refused to leave for a foreign Relic, choosing instead to reside with the land and the people.

Those who would exploit the souls of the dead and would devour souls often visited the Fugo lands in the hopes of quick power, and so the spirits of the departed focused their souls on certain individuals within each region. The priests of the Fugo spirits served as living vessels for the many spirits of the ancestors, bringing them to harmony and focusing them against would-be conquerors.

The land fractured into several dozen distinct regions, and the current number of 25 kingdoms has varied by only one or two kingdoms in over two thousand years. Over time, the strength of the priests grew considerably, with the spirits seeking out the wisest vessels to contain them. The Church of Whalin's influence was such that many of the spirits sought out individuals who could balance the church's martial teachings against the will of the church's need for worship.

The Fugo Kingdoms were particularly hard hit by the War of the Undead. The power of the necromancers to strip away the ancestral spirits tore away many souls and drained the land of much power. Plagues, famine, and twisted spirits ravaged the land for years after the war. The Church of Whalin was too thinly stretched to help, and so made poor inroads in the aftermath of the war.

The 25 kingdoms that were once friendly rivals have become bitter contestants for trade, food, and influence.


The Church of Whalin occasionally gets some souls from the departed, but most remain within the monasteries dedicated to keeping the ancient traditions of martial mastery. Occasionally, a Disciple of Whalin will attempt to reinstate many of the church's other precepts, only to find his power completely overwhelmed by even a single abbot, let alone the combined might of two or even three abbots. Thus, the Fugo lands are technically a theocratic monarchy, with each monarch approved by the local abbot, who in turn serves as the focal point for the many ancestors in the region.

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