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 +====== Janis Plains Duchy ======
 +The Janis Plains of [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]] are ruled by Duke [[gaeleth:​people:​Talon Bhramord]], the ArchPrelate of [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Yatindar]]. ​ The duchy includes its name sake, the Janis Plains, as well as the Warkore Mountains to the west.  The Janis Plains duchy was established in late 1329 by the king of Rakore in order to make a home for Talon Bhramord and his defectors from the [[gaeleth:​places:​Kur Maeth]] Inquisition.
 +The duchy is divided into five baronies and one county, with another count serving in the capital of the duchy for the duke.  The baronies and the county are usually named for their major '​cities',​ although several of the baronial capitals are little more than villages.
 +  * [[Fasra]] - Capital of the Janis Plains, Countess Astiel, Marquis [[gaeleth:​people:​Codrus]]
 +  * [[Chasadan]] - Count [[gaeleth:​people:​Torak]] of Giranhad
 +  * [[River Crown]] - Baron Wilhelm Dellis
 +  * [[Warkore]] - Baron Troy Mistan
 +  * [[Easterling]] - Baron Grier of Basarith
 +  * [[Palatus]] - Baron Koord of Halgrimar
 +  * [[West Plains]] - Baron Ilvred Kost, who makes his capital in Fasra
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