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 +====== Lena ======
 +Lena is located at the confluence of the Galanus River and its tributary, the Slav.  Upriver on the Slav is the largest city in [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]],​ [[gaeleth:​places:​Kashin]]. ​ Upriver on the Galanus is [[gaeleth:​places:​Loregard]],​ the massive city-fortress that serves as the entryway into the deserts of the [[gaeleth:​places:​Ogre nations]].
 +The town itself is made of wood, with wooden walkways running beside the main roads that are quagmires in the least amount of rain.  Most of the town's people work as stevedores or in the taverns or inns or warehouses that are the lifeblood of the town.
 +The marshy area of Lena is navigable by most only through the main rivers, while the majority of the region is a bewildering array of swamps, fens, and marshes that only the locals can navigate. ​ The region serves as home to many tomanths, as well as the imfamous [[gaeleth:​races:​Dog Men]].
 +Lena was established in 1320 as a way-station along the rivers by [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Gideon Enterprises]],​ to facilitate trade between the Rakanus Dwarves, Kashin, and [[gaeleth:​places:​Teras]]. ​ The palisaded town is relatively small in size, with only a thousand residents, and several thousand more Dog Men in the surrounding areas, scattered about the region seemingly at random. ​ Hundreds of tomanths that call the area home tend to be more reclusive, and the murky waters of the region are also home to several scrags. ​ The foggy waters and eudella lillies have left a number of sloops and barges lost in the region, which is also teeming with stirges.
 +Baron Bruden Dunnigan is a petty man with big dreams. ​ No stranger to violence, he served the kingdom well during the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Four Winds]], and was awarded the title of baron as recompense for his role in helping evacuate both Loregard and Kashin by river. ​ Under Bruden'​s leadership, the region between Lena and [[gaeleth:​places:​Lok Sadic]] never fell during the war, and many of the local Dog Men support the baron, despite his personal flaws, because of his unquestionable leadership abilities.
 +Lena has a full-time garrison of only 50 men, although close to 200 Dog Men are willing to answer the baron'​s call when it goes out.  The Thane of the guard is a tomanth named Krissik, as ruthless a tracker and fighter as the baron is in politics and trade.
 +Quite a bit of contraband likely travels through Lena, although who and how and when is difficult to say or track down.  A small pirot or a river tomanth can easily hide a cargo and then move it to another ship when no one is looking.
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