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Lok Sadic

Lok Sadic is perhaps the largest non-city fortress in all of Rakore. It is located on the Tumas River tributary of the Galanus River. Just north of Lok Sadic and across the hills, lies the Galanus River and its marshy environs that protect the city of Lena. Upriver from Lok Sadic, perhaps a day's ride, is the town of Tikira, which serves as the entry way into the capital.

'The Fortress of Sadic' was built in early 1327 Avard in a single day. Sadic Brevit was a desert elf that traveled the width of Halganath, and obtained in his journeys one of the fabled 'instant fortresses' of one of the grand masters of wizardry from the time of the Storm Wars. With a large fortress, strong allies, and many battles for Rakore under his belt, Sadic was granted the title of baron.

The nearby marshes to the east of Lok Sadic are rumored to hold a green dragon, representative of the Dragon Nation to Rakore.

Rumors that the Baron Sadic is an undead or a golem have brought many kobolds from the Johnathon Hills to the region. The kobolds, most followers of the God of Death, Curiss, have a particular hatred for the undead. As such, there have been several assassination attempts on the baron's life.

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