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Lyle House

The Lyle House is a mage-friendly building in Kashin, Rakore. The building was once the home for the mage known as Gil Lyle, but has since been expanded into a facility with a small dormitory, kitchens, staff, and grounds, as well as the original laboratory, library, and a special basement that is hidden, guarded, and shielded.

The current caretaker of the Lyle House is Norion, a gifted specialist in foreign magics. His friend Savana Beth Lomaksan serves as a point-of-contact in Lok Magius, with a heavy exchange of books, information, and even people being shipped back and forth. The Lyle House still holds to Gil Lyle's original task of finding and recruiting new mages, but has expanded into finding the looted books and items of the mages' academy on Mount Rilan.

Previous caretakers, including Gabriel are often out on circuit, visiting various parts of Rakore and gathering information to be funneled back to the Lyle House and thence to Lok Magius.

Additional information available in the campaign Notes for Norion and Campaign V-5-1, as well as Gil_Lyle's spellbook.

Current staff include:
Geffin - groundskeeper and maintenance
Marco - butler, messenger, man-at-arms*
Thayro - cook, maid, market runner
Fallos - page, scribe, fetcher

*There is a crossbow range and well-stocked armory on the grounds

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