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Lavanor Duchy

The Lavanor Duchy consists of Mount Lavanor, Kashin, Boulderdash, and the desert elves of Eltaraalaalest. The duchy is ruled over by Duke Heinrich Voldast, who keeps a very low profile. Duke Heinrich is a defector from the Vridaran Empire, who brought a considerable fortune, personal army, and numerous mages with him after the failure of the joint Vridaran-Toomaran attack on Wuron Sfa. The position of 'Duke of Lavanor' was created in the spring of 1330 Avard, although the components of the duchy operate independently. Duke Heinrich holds extraordinarily light reigns on his duchy, operating out of Mount Basilisk.

The duchy consists of three counties and one barony, with Mount Lavanor being a special county.

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