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 +====== Lavanor Duchy ======
 +The Lavanor Duchy consists of Mount Lavanor, Kashin, Boulderdash,​ and the desert elves of Eltaraalaalest. ​ The duchy is ruled over by Duke Heinrich Voldast, who keeps a very low profile. ​ Duke Heinrich is a defector from the Vridaran Empire, who brought a considerable fortune, personal army, and numerous mages with him after the failure of the joint Vridaran-Toomaran attack on Wuron Sfa.  The position of 'Duke of Lavanor'​ was created in the spring of 1330 Avard, although the components of the duchy operate independently. ​ Duke Heinrich holds extraordinarily light reigns on his duchy, operating out of Mount Basilisk.
 +The duchy consists of three counties and one barony, with Mount Lavanor being a special county.\\
 +  * [[Mount Lavanor]] - Father Bryan Stonegrudge (Cardinal of Galgiran, ArchBishop of Rakore)\\
 +  * [[Kashin]] - Count Grimshire\\
 +  * [[Boulderdash]] - Baron Gadden\\
 +  * [[Eltaraalaalest]] - Count Sharkor Dierayalist\\
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