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Old One Eye's

The tavern belonging to “Old One Eye” is located in one of the rougher boroughs of Teras, equidistant from the riverside and gulfside wharves and warehouses and a fair bit inland. The street-level tavern has barely enough room for twenty patrons, and most of the them are regulars who come in for some thick beer before heading to work or heading home.

Old One Eye's original name is unknown, but he is purported to have made some dangerous enemies in the Alekdan Principalities. Old One Eye has a family that lives above the tavern, belying the rumor somewhat. His sons occasionally pitch in at the tiny tavern during busier times; otherwise, they tend to run street vending jobs.

This has made Old One Eye's a particularly important location for learning good information on the goings-ons of that area of Teras – for the right price, of course.

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