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 +====== Old One Eye's ======
 +The tavern belonging to "Old One Eye" is located in one of the rougher boroughs of Teras, equidistant from the riverside and gulfside wharves and warehouses and a fair bit inland. ​ The street-level tavern has barely enough room for twenty patrons, and most of the them are regulars who come in for some thick beer before heading to work or heading home.
 +Old One Eye's original name is unknown, but he is purported to have made some dangerous enemies in the [[Alekdan Principalities]]. ​ Old One Eye has a family that lives above the tavern, belying the rumor somewhat. ​ His sons occasionally pitch in at the tiny tavern during busier times; otherwise, they tend to run street vending jobs.  ​
 +This has made Old One Eye's a particularly important location for learning good information on the goings-ons of that area of Teras -- for the right price, of course.
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